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Guitars 4 vets-please check their site...

old mark

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A few months ago, I donated 7 guitars to Guitars 4 Vets, a volunteer organization that gives guitars to US Military vets who are in therapy for various reasons, and who would like to have a guitar to play or to take lessons to learn how to play. The group gives lessons and they need donated playable instruments, acoustic or electric. They also need cash donations and man need volunteers. I have been buying cheaper but usable instruments, cleaning and setting them up and doing minor fixes as needed. I will have a few more to give them this fall.


They sent me a pic of a young guy playing one my my donated guitars, a Peavey HP Signature Blues. He was in a chair, and had lost both legs above the knee. He was in his 20's, and he was smiling,playing that guitar.


If you care to get involved in this, here's their site...





Thanks for looking.



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I'm an OIF Vet diagnosed with chronic PTSD and I find that guitar seems to be the best method to help unwind and calm the nerves. This is an awesome organization so please donate or volunteer if you can. Groups like this help us get by and make a huge difference to our state of being.

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