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Brain Damaged Head Bangers


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I think a lot has to do with drugs and booze and performance styles more than any amplification system I've been around - not that a really big system might not have some effect on the brain as well as destroying hearing.


I look back when I was playing rock, and the athleticism involved could match some of the heavy bouncing of sports - and I s'pose that were one into headbanging, literally, with or without booze or drugs, it could do some damage too.


Some 30 years ago the brighter martial arts types were really questioning the intelligence of breaking boards and bricks and such with the head for just that reason. Break your hand or wrist with less than perfect technique you have a problem, break your brain and you may not even have enough smarts left to know that you've got a far worse problem.



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Q - What do you throw a drowning guitarist?

A - His amp....


Percussive effect? Seriously no, it's the drugs. John Mcvie admitted to a brain seizure caused by years of massive snorting and look what happened to the original singer of the Sweet....we all know there are so many examples.


However there is (or perhaps will be if you use phones or earbuds) always tinnitus...I say always because once it's there, it's there.

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