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Très belle chanson et belle guitare. La liberté...on vient d'en perdre un peu au Québec ces derniers jours.

Very nice song and nice guitar. Freedom...we lost a part of it these last days here in Quebec.

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Wonderful instrument to accompany this song. I have to admit, I don't understand a word - but this sure was beautiful.


Yes, Krassi, Mr Gibs sounds every bit as good as Moustaki's Mlle. Gibson. Thanks for this one.


Dan a rough translation as follows:


My Liberty, for a long time I held on to you like a rare pearl

My Liberty, it’s you who helped me to cast off from my moorings

To go anywhere, to go to the ends of the paths of glory

To gather in a dream a rose from the winds on a ray of moonlight

My Liberty, to your whims my soul was subject

My Liberty, I had given you everything, even my last shirt

And how I suffered to be able to satisfy your every demand

I changed countries, I lost my friends to gain your confidence

My Liberty you knew how to disarm all my habits

My Liberty, you who even made me love being alone

You who brought a smile to my lips whenever a beautiful adventure came to an end

You who kept me safe when I ran and hid to lick my wounds

My Liberty, all the same I left you one December night

I deserted the distant roads that we followed together

When without suspecting a thing, my hands and feet shackled, I let it happen

And I betrayed you for a prison house of love and its beautiful gaoler.

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J'ai beaucoup apprécié, et en Français sur le site Gibson,


Je suis sûrement le prochain à me commettre.




Michel Marc


(I really liked it, and you're singing in french on the gibson site, I will surely be the next to do it too !)

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