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Memorial Day Thanking all who served.


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Amen to that brother!!


I have lots of relatives serving already and my nephew who had a strong will to serve his country, just left for Marine boot camp last week.


Just put old glory on my fathers grave for serving during the Korean war.



Proud of all who gave for this great country.

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I've been told I go a bit over board on the whole Memorial Day thing. I guess that's true. But you see my father was in the Air Force for many years. In war time he served in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross twice, The Purple Heart and after crashing his plane he got an all clear from the medics and went right back to work in a new plane. In peace time he flew search and rescue out of Florida looking for people lost at sea and flying supplies into disaster areas.


My brother served 8 years in the U.S. Army guarding the Berlin Wall before it came down. My uncle Dave served in the Navy, uncle Bud was a Marine. Cousins, second cousins, great uncles and countless friends all have served in the American Armed Forces.


So why do I go one about it so much? I talk about it because I don't follow orders well at all. I'm the artsy type that likes doing my own thing and because of them I can. Because of their willingness to serve I didn't have to. For this I am thankful to the point that words seem to fail me. So I go on too much.


I talk about it because I know that most of them are too humble to ask to be remembered. They are too modest to point out their own sacrifices. Not only of blood but in the stress of time away from their families and homes. Their spouses who sleep alone night after night. Their children who parent isn't there to watch their event tonight because they are sleeping in the sand or a ship bunk. Stresses of not making much money. These stresses that all too often break families. Sometimes they are too proud to ask for help.


So if I get a little sappy on Memorial Day. Please forgive me, indulge me. I'm just putting my own dignity aside for a bit to say thank you to those who make it possible for me to do so. It's the least I can do.


And if you would please take a moment this weekend to thank someone who served and remember someone who didn't come home. Thank a young wife whose is holding down the home while her husband is on the other side of the world. Thank a child who might not understand why their parent doesn't come home from work every night like the other parents do. Thank a mother who will never again see the child come home again.


And grill a fine steak while you're at it!

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Arlington, The Gardens of Stones, is a real experience. I walked the Marble Wall of the 58,000 plus from Viet Nam, and found a few of my friends that are listed there. A day to remember them all.

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It's the ones who serve who make this country good. The ones who make the big bucks are another story.....


Great respect. I would never go into the service though, cause' I'd get kicked out within the first day!


Had I been around in the late-60s, I'd be living up in Toronto.....5

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God Bless the fallen Men & Women that have given it all for this country! Their families as well for their losses.


I'd like to make it to Washington DC next year for the Memorial Day and to see & remember our fallen hero's at the various memorials. I find them to be breath taking when I've been there. Last year 350,000, yes 350,000 motorcycles, rode in the parade to honor our lost solder hero's. Many are vets that have left friends behind.


I remember seeing the WWII memorial for the 1st time and seeing the rows of Gold Stars. Someone younger said something about how many had died (thinking it was a Gold Star for each person). I let them know each Gold Star represented ONE THOUSAND hero's that were lost!!! It is so sad that people over here just haven't been taught what the true prices paid for them to whine about how tough a time they think they have it here and they don't receive enough.


Thank you all that have served. [thumbup] It was/is noble and so many of us are VERY proud of you and what you've done to keep us safe & the bad people that are in this World at bay.



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