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I'm Nearly Up to 1000 Posts


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Be careful you dont get a yorker and get out on 99!


ps: strictly Aussie and English lingo here ...


Well here we are, EA, on 999!


Hope I don't do a 'Ponters" (Aussie and English lingo again).....






P.S. For the non-Aust/English, cricketers love to get 100 runs but get into the 'nervous nineties' and often get OUT in the nineties but get really cut up about getting out on 99...

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looking forward to this 1000 post , i'm sure it'll be something profound , a drop of molten guitarist wisdom.

dont waste it on a cricketing comment now :-)


heres to 2000 , if your name's on a post at least we know its always worth reading .

cheers BK

keep pickin n grinnin

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