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Just Ordered My First Gibson


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I've always wanted a Gibson Les Paul ever since I started playing when I was 14 back in 1979 and yesterday I ordered one. I'm getting one for my 48th Birthday in a few weeks time, a gift from me to myself. Its a Les Paul Studio in a Fireburst finish, plus I also ordered 2 sets of DiMarzio Super Distortion pick ups for it. I really wanted a Standard but they are a bit more expensive so went for the Studio.


I'll post picks when it arrives next week.


This is my third Les Paul, my first being a Granada Les Paul (by Aria) that I got in 79 and my Epiphone which I got 4 years ago




Glad to be here

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Yeah the Fireburst is beautiful and I really wanted one but at just under £1000 it is out of my price range for now. Maybe for my 48th b/day in a couple of years time I will induldge myself


Anyway I just poked my toe in to the Gibson waters with this lovely Satin Studio Worn brown with a lovely looking cap on it for £400 so I am happy. I collect her tomorrow








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Wow! Nice top! Lovely guitar! Wish it was still made with mahogany cap. I'm in lust with the LP Traditional Mahogany Satin Brown, but I don't have money for it right now. This could be great substitute for it. Nice wood, great pickups, excellent value. Congratulations! Cheers... Bence [thumbup]

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