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Finally pics of my les paul!


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hey i finally have pics of my LP going up here, and ill just through in my strat for good measure :]

hope you like them.


here is my LP in all it customized glory!!! 0_0


here's a close up of the body


this is my strat after i finished building it.


and after i colored it with sharpies (and it has a clear finish too).


here my two guitars and a friends guitar i was working on (i wish it was mine) it is the custom.


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ahhhh a cosmo mojo gismo thing i am familiar with those =D>


anyways thanks you guys, what do you think pickgaurd or no pickgaurd on mine. im thinking of getting one. the one in those pics is taken off my friends custom (i didnt want to uhh lose it while i was working on his guitar :P. )

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why do the pics always look tiny!?!! D:< does this happen to anyone else? i have to save the ppics to see them fullsize' date=' but every so often they appear full size. whats up with that???[/quote']


Try using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. That should fix the problem.

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i like it, it does help with tuning because once you are all tuned up you really only need to use it until you put on new strings. but it's not neccasary, i mostly have it cause it looks cooler in my opinion, i could tune almost as easy with the regular tuners. i will have to soon because im saving up for i bigsby.

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well thundergod it is the epiphone nikko jensen signature finish. duh :P just kidding :]


actually it used to be a tobacco burst like this one http://epiphone.com/default.asp?ProductID=48&CollectionID=6

it looked basiccaly just like that when i got it but with no pickgaurd and the fine tuner bridge. i sanded the finish down myself, if you remember a while back in september i think i made a thread about fading les pauls. after i learnt about it from that i just whent ahead and did it. turned out real nice. i have been working on it ever since, my most recent addidtions were the neck pup and sanded down the finish on the neck so its all nice and smooth. now i just want to get a pickgaurd, locking tuners and a bigsby.


you might be able to tell i really like working on guitars, maybe the gibson custom shop will hire me :o

then i would be able to get enough money to get a the black beauty im saving for, they might even give me a discount :o [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<

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