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Studio Dot Rehab....

Eric Koegh Penrod

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I have been a craigslist junkie for a while and came across this 04 Worn Brown Studio Dot for $80.00 !! All it needed to make it playable was to tighten up the vol & tone pots,adjust the truss rod, clean the dust off and tune up! not a scratch on it! I was thinking since I got it so cheap and did not have to invest any $ I would sell it since I have another Studio Dot.

Then I got to thinkin about how I had wanted to put P90'S in my other SDot but it was way to nice and sounded too good with the pafs I put in it.......so I went nuts on this one, tried to keep the investment down as low as possible and this is what I did:


Graptech nut


CTS pots


PIO .033 cap


ebay- Gibson p90 neck,SD Hot p90 Bridge


Switchcraft switch


"Towner Tension bar"


Bigsby B30



I have never really cared for black hardware but on the worn brown finish it looks real good. I wanted to put the Bigsby B11 on it because I liked the open section of the tail piece but it was more $ then the B30 so I picked up a B30 and cut out the middle if the tail piece and then painted every thing black to match the rest of the hard ware.


Before I touched it......



1 by


Digging in......



2 Little sheilding....





The B30





Cuttin it up.....






Ready for paint......






Paint......Rustolium thru my spraygun..





Ready to attach.......





Ready for action!!!!







This git is a F@#KIN Beast! it sounds and plays better then I could have imagined! Total investment :$320.00


This is my first p90 guitar and now I have Two killer Studio Dots that look and sound completly different than one another.



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Thanks for the good word everyone! yea I am pleased with this one, the Towner Tension bar works great , you dont need to drill any mounting holes for a bigsby and it fits nicely in place of the orig tail piece.


I have been having fun playing thru different amps, the p90's breakup real easy. Plugged straight into the amp it almost sounds as if you have a pedal plugged in as well, Almost nails that George Thurogood tone.

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I'm jealous... <grin>


Your mods are not at all anything I'd have done, but the Craig's List "steal" and opportunity for a project guitar that fits your needs is a great example of a solid inexpensive guitar turned into a very capable "one off."



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