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The New King!!!


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A lot more responses than my Gretsch mod thread ever had after 1300 views.


Truth is the folks in this forum absolutely love serial posters, it would be interesting to look at statistics on replies to posters like Homz, FuzzyFred, FenderGuy and now Leo versus posts that would be considered adequate.

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But the mods seem to like it.. I posted a comment about being lost trying to find the lounge and my post was removed. This one may be too.

I guess the mods like the activity he's generating.


I looked for your thread and was angry it got taken down. Your post was made in good humor and was not disrespectful. It is an opinion shared by more than a handful of us. We've been here long enough to have answered those questions many times and find them boring, but if the noobs need to go through that stage, let them. They too will become bored with it once they've exhausted the trend.

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