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  1. Ah shucks…….we need to take Stalk of what we are saying on this thread…..you really have to develop an ear for this type of music….
  2. http://www.medicaldaily.com/pulse/brain-surgery-patient-plays-beatles-song-guitar-middle-his-operation-336666#.VXLLryEgFr0.facebook
  3. Gryphon told me they are an "acoustic only" dealer for Gibson. The demands on them in the past that made them abandon their dealership, was the heavy requirements to also sell Electrics, and to carry Epiphone products that they couldn't sell, and the demand that they dedicate an entire room or wall for Gibson Guitars only……not a suitable model for their market and for their store layout. They are mostly an acoustic store…..So, rather than bashing other forum members which seems to give some such a thrill….let's just say, happy that a local store found some way to agree with Gibson and it's marketing policy, and is selling some Gibson acoustics again after a long lay-off.
  4. Let's look at the Gibson Hummingbird and the inspiration for the Hummingbird, the Martin D-18, very similar specs: Martin D-18, List: $2999.00, MAP $2249.00 Gibson Hummingbird, List $3997.00, MAP $3099.00 http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/SSHBHCNH http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MD18/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=PPC&utm_campaign=guitars&utm_term=martin_d18&adpos=1t1&creative=66266589361&device=c&network=g&matchtype=b&gclid=CL7Eu6mr9sUCFUFrfgodKwQAyA
  5. Does not have the "small body" type sound….very full….could be the recording setup?
  6. Do any of you guys know if one of these is available new? Do you know what list price/MAP was on these when new? Thanks…Robert Gibson J200 m Quilted Maple LTD, or GIBSON CUSTOM SHOP J 200 M MINI JUMBO…these ones have quilted back and sides….thanks
  7. I have a set of those Monels…..will give them a try…..I use the Elixir 80/20's on mine, they brighten up that mahogany tone a bit…..Mine needed neck reset, and new bridge….ready for another 65 years!!
  8. Gotta love that 15 fret neck!
  9. Nipplez-naf…say it ain't so!!!
  10. I've got a 1960 00-17 Martin. They are one of the great secrets of the vintage guitar scene…..Mine has amazing tone…..Nice rendition BK….I always like your unique take on old classics, and am so glad that the self appointed "Performance police" have "retired"…...
  11. I Had a PRS "ARCHTOP" guitar that had that asymmetrical neck….one of the most comfortable necks I've ever played!
  12. My old Harmony had those big fat frets…same with an old Kay I had….I like them….great for bending strings…
  13. After a 30 year partnership and a multi- year absence….Gryphon Stringed Instruments, is now once again, a dealer for Gibson Acoustic Guitars……They currently have maybe 5 in stock…..and none advertised on the web, but some things just go full circle, and I'm glad this one did!! Congratulations Gryphon…
  14. A friend gave me a copy of Johnny Gimble's obituary wherein he shared some of his influences. It was the swing fiddler, Cliff Bruner, who gave Gimble some advise about playing Jazz, or what was called "hokum" by Texas old timers who didn't like it: "Translate what's already in your head". He said, "can you hum it ?" He said, "practice your instrument until you can play what you hum, play what you think, and you'll start branching out and playing some licks" Very good advice I'd say…...
  15. One girl asked me the same thing…"Do you smoke after sex?"…I replied, "Don't know….I've never looked…"
  16. What do you guys use for oiling the fretboard?
  17. http://www.om28.com/ProductDetail?product=P150515001
  18. I'd like to see Tony demo some duck calls!
  19. I sure hope GC doesn't go bankrupt because of that guitar!
  20. I once contacted the Martin repair in Nazareth, PA, about replacing a neck on an old Martin, this was many years ago…..they quoted me $1100….probably similar to Gibson. Sometimes I see old Gibsons on Ebay being sold for parts due to damage….might check that out…use verify right scale length!
  21. The Thrill is Gone..
  22. So now we buy Gibsons with the expectation that we have to do a $300 re-fret to correct a factory problem right out of the box…..to get the gibson sound……Wow……this one takes the apologist's cake!
  23. I think I see a Harmony Sovereign 1260 on the wall!!!!
  24. Most manufacturers consider almost every warranty problem these days to be cause by improper humidification on the part of the owner…..it is a catch phrase that brings it down to "company says/owner says" situation….and guess which side ALWAYS wins….lol……...
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