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  1. Cheers.. Again they are getting a bit expensive for a workshop amp.. Which is where it will probably sit most of the time... And as said, the ones above are kind of hybrid amps with tubes in them.. They do seem to sound better than the normal all digital SS amps.
  2. Yeah I hear yah.. But thats why I quite like the Vox AV15.. Its not really a modelling amp.... I just dont wanna spend £600 on something for the workshop... Seems a bit OTT to me?? And the other small tube amps are usually just too basic or just not that nice.
  3. I want it to sound good... In my head tube amps always sound better but the newest modelling amps do sound pretty good.. As said its only for doing demos so I dont want to go too mad on the price.... My issue with the small tube amps is they often only have one good sound so its why I am thinking of one of the ones with a tube built in that seems to sound better than the normal SS amps.
  4. Thanks everyone.. Well I have my Slash amp which I love and I was using for guitar shows... And I was happy with it (am happy with it).... This new one is for smaller demos and for when I finish a guitar I can try it out and maybe let other people have a go.. Call it a workshop amp.... (and I am certainly not using my Slash amp as a workshop amp 🙂 ) So its not necessarily for big demos.. just for me and other people to check my guitars at work.. I am looking at hiring out a work space at the workshop I used to work at and will need a demo amp.. It could be used to show
  5. You know I am quite torn over these two amps.. Both have their pros and cons.. They both sound pretty good in the demos. The AV series are more traditional with some effects (I like the idea of the analogue circuit modelling) but then if I am to go down that route the VT series is more adjustable and customisable with way more features.. I guess I will have to go and have a look and a play. But am pretty impressed with what I have heard so far.
  6. Actually these AV series may be even better.. Apparently rather than being a digital modelling amp like the VT, its all valve and has the actual circuits. So its an analogue modelling amp.. Imteresting
  7. Cheers but I am not looking to get anything shipped over.. Such a pain these days sadly.... I have been looking about and checking demos and the like. I think I may have found what I want with the Vox VT series... I like that its a modelling amp but still with some tube going on.. These demos make it sound pretty good.
  8. They must have gone up some... Search results for: 'roland cube' (pmtonline.co.uk) Not that the price is the issue as such anyway.. Just want something small that sounds good.. But as said above maybe something that has more than one good sound if you know what I mean. Some of the modelling amps sound way better than they used too.
  9. Ok cool I will check them out.. Cheers...
  10. I know RCT appreciates her "talents" 😄
  11. Cheers.. Just had a look and my issue with that is the price.. Its just getting a bit much for an amp I probably wont use that much...
  12. Yes, so I have come back around to this question of what small amp to get... I will tell you exactly what I want it for and it will mostly be to take out and demo a guitar to someone... So I do want it to sound good.... Where I am at now is I go between some small 1 or 5w tube amp at about £300 ish or one of the modelling amps. My thoughts go between.. I want a tube sound as nothing else really sounds like it. To, I just want something light but maybe capable of more than one sound (which is what you generally get with these small amps)... So its sorta between one of the sm
  13. This is a very complex subject.... The guy in the video while talking about world issues then goes on to say how good things are for the younger generation. But he seems to only be talking about his own country. Could he have said all those things about say African or Indian children? As for Gretta.. I also find her annoying.. Shes way to over the top and in the end shouting and and blaming everyone else for her issues comes across as a bit moany.. HOWEVER, I do have to agree with her on some things. Greedy cooperation's and capitalism have totally ruined the planet. And are co
  14. The link is above £3,840.00 Orange Custom Shop Guitars – Orange Amps
  15. As in the company orange.. the guitar itself is not Orange Custom Shop Guitars – Orange Amps
  16. Also love a wine red one which is why I also have a wine red Standard 😄
  17. Also I can tell by the colour of the inlays.. Another thing a lot of people didnt like about them.. They refer to them as "snot green" 🙂 Also on the headstock where it has Les Pauls signature, does it say Model or Classic under it? (should say Classic I think). My one is a heavy beast too. Almost 11lbs..
  18. Nice. I have one from 2002... So I know a bit about these.. The thing is its not a custom at all.. And its not even really a re-issue.. What it is is a Classic but with certain nods to the real 1960 re-issue. In fact so much so that from what I remember of the story. It was so close to a proper custom that people were buying them instead of a custom (at the time).. So the 1960 thing didnt last that long.. GREAT GREAT guitars. The slim neck is amazing to play and while I know a lot of people dont like the ceramic twins (the pickups) as they are quite hot, I have always loved the way it
  19. I learned a lesson a long time a go.. Just because you can say something, it doesn't always mean you should.
  20. Hmm, odd.. Are you sure its a Standard.. I have a Les Paul Classic 1960 re-issue with a 1960 on the pickguard. I am not sure I have ever seen that on another model... BUT if it was a Classic it should have uncovered pickups... The 1960 re-issues arent actually re-issues. Not in the same way as on a custom anyway. I am betting (could be very wrong here) that its a 1960 Classic and someone has added covers and (possibly) a Standard truss rod cover.. Its very nice either way.
  21. Nice. When I saw him (2004 I think) he was supporting Albert Lee.. In comparison we walked out about half way through the Albert Lee part.. He was pretty weird and boring and certainly crap compared to Edgar and co..
  22. I saw him once at the Royal Albert Hall.. Had no idea who he was at the time.. And he was the warm up act too... One of the best bands I had ever seen. Very tight and Edgar is just an amazing musician.
  23. Yes it will. Without doubt 🙂 I am just waiting on some body wood, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.. The whole guitar will be London Plane.
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