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  1. Donno really.. I, as most of you know got a 336 not long ago.. That was 3k (second hand).. Why... Cos I wanted it and for once in my life could actually afford it.. Ever since I first tried one years ago I have just held it up as the best.. It just always stuck with me and when I got the chance I thought hell yes... Didnt need it for sure, and I was under no illusion that it was going to make me a better player or anything like that. In the case of the 336 though there arent many of them about and one of my motivations was, are Gibson ever going to make any more. As it goes I got
  2. Yes.. Very very nice.. Congrats.
  3. Cheers.. Thats my 60s Tribute.. LOVE that guitar. It works really well in my mix of LPs. Each one a LP but all very different.
  4. Is this the one you got? Quite similar to my Slash amp in size.. I got built in reverb on mine and it goes between 1 and 5w.
  5. Very nice choice Good luck with it and let us know what you think when it turns up and you get some time to play with it.
  6. Ohh yeah. I think the difference between Firebird Minis and Mini Humbuckres or something.
  7. I once did a build with Minis in it (Gibsons).. Sounded amazing, Shame they are hard pickups to come by these days (well Gibson ones anyway)... This one played by our very own JDGM
  8. Ohh also... Some news worth sharing (very little else has happened in the last year or so).. I now own a 336 😄
  9. Yeah, im still loitering about the place..... Kinda dull and slow moving on here these days.......
  10. Thats all we can do for them... Give them lots of love and fun and scratches..
  11. Aww... Sorry to hear that... I know the pain... Always a sad day, they become as much a part of the family as any other member.
  12. Upload the pics to a picture hosing site like Imgur: The magic of the Internet all free and easy to set up.. Once uploaded to there then use the Direct Link it gives you, copy that directly in to your post.. Or if you have it on Facebook or something.. Right click on the picture (on facebook) click Copy and then paste that in to your post.. Should work..
  13. Yes of course you are totally entitled to your opinion but to say that you laugh at people who think their light guitars sound good is a bit silly.. These sorts of sweeping statements go to start and perpetuate many internet myths After being on here many years the one thing you learn quickly is we all have different taste and different expectations.. One mans treasure an all that. None of it is right or wrong, just play what you enjoy and as you say what inspires you. In the end each guitar must be judged on its own merits regardless of the name on the headstock or how much it cos
  14. Yeah the big cabs can have four speakers in them I think.. Some of the combos have two and some one... So when I say no sound difference, there is certainly a volume difference... As for your other question... Will have to let someone else who know more than me about amps chime in... I would imagine someone will recommend a Fender Twin or something.. I think the MG is all digital... Also known as solid state amps... Tube/Valve amps are way more expensive but most will tell you they are better than any solid state amp, in saying that the solid state stuff is way way better these d
  15. Yes you get Amps which are just the top bit and have the tubes in them and all the electronics and then a speaker "Cab" (cabinet) connected to it called a stack amp... Or in some cases several cabs... Or you get a Combo amp where is all in one and obviously easier to carry about and stuff. As for differences. Im no real expert in amps but I dont think theres much difference in sound.. It comes down to the circuit types and valves in the amp and the different types of speakers you can get.. And theres just as many too choose from as there are guitars to play 🙂
  16. I have a Slash SL5 combo amp.. Its awesome but I doubt you will find any about... If not you want whatever the modern equivalent of a Marshall JCM 800 is.. According to this though hes using a Marshall Silver Jubilee these days.
  17. Eventually you did yeah.. thanks..... 😛
  18. Looks the proper business that And thats another thing about building and I guess any type of artistic creative form.. Its never perfect and it probably never will be in the eyes of the artist.. Like playing guitar, you can always learn more and always do better.. Never stops really 🙂 Often its better just to forget it and move on to the next one. When I first started showing my guitars in public it was something I was very nervous about, people bringing up every tiny flaw I know about them BUT to be honest it rarely came up. People kind of accept what it is you are putting in
  19. Im sorry but I call BS on this... The original 59 Les Pauls which are lauded as the best were made with old growth Honduran mahogany (which is illegal to cut down now) and were very light compared to the modern LPs made with plantation wood which is much heavier. I am not saying a heavy guitar cant sound good, but weight is by no means a way to tell if a guitar will sound good or not. Weight just has nothing to do with it.
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