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  1. 1. Guitar Stand 2. Strings 3. Picks 4. T-Shirts
  2. I got it. Picked up my new Gibson GA-5 Goldtone Les Paul Jr. Amp this evening for $350.00 from Blue Note Guitars in San Luis Obispo, CA. Love those guys. They have the coolest Gibson, Epiphone, Taylor, and ESP electrics. Their selection of acoustic guitars is second to none around here. Only Lightning Joe in Arroyo Grande comes close, and he's the second largest Martin Dealer on the west coast. Played a Santa Cruz OM-R tonight. Yes gentlemen, pure tonal bliss. Sustain and ringing notes that last forever. It certainly has a wonderfully loud voice too. I can say that guitar is absolutely one of the best I've ever had my hands on. Pricey, but certainly worth every penny. Collins makes a great one too. Got to go warm up a couple of tubes.
  3. It's related to motion sickness. Similar to what astronauts experience when they're focussed on a task while zipping around in space.
  4. Since I don't know how to use the quote tool yet... "Ship them to me and while I am welcoming them to their new home, I will send step by step instructions and new pictures in their new home in Mississippi..." That's funny!! I'm going to miss 'em all dearly. So I have to upload them to a webserver of some kind. OK
  5. Hey guys: Maybe someone can help me out here. How do I upload photos of my guitars and gear and etc...? Little Help Here.
  6. Here's what the Fender Lounge T-Shirt looks like. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to figure out how to upload images.
  7. I'm a member of a couple of other forums and know that they have T-Shirts available. What do you guys think about a Gibson Lounge T-Shirt? I know I'd wear one.
  8. If I'm drinking malt liquor, I'm drinking Micky's Big Mouth in the little green keg. Hell it I'm drinking malt liquor: A) My favorite store is out of Firestone Walker :) ...out of Sierra Nevada C) I'm pretty drunk already
  9. Gibson Les Paul Custom, ES-347, and of course the ES-175.
  10. Arlen Roth had a lot to do with that movie. He basically taught Ralph Machio how to play guitar in a couple of months. Alen tells a good story about it on his websight.
  11. Yeah, I've seen these in California too. This needs to stop. If it's too good to be true it probably isn't. Buyer beware.
  12. Is there a classified section here? If not, should there be?
  13. Yeah, Dynadude: Unknown Hinson will be playing at this year's west coast NAMM show too. I'm hoping to see him play there.
  14. This guy gets my vote for the best Unknown Guitarist Unknown Hinson! The King of the Country Western Troubadours. Check him out. http://www.guitarplayertv.com/?channel=unknownhinson&videofile=gptvencores/stubbsbbq_hinson_perf04 and http://www.unknownhinson.com/ He's also all over Youtube.
  15. Hey Taylor Player: "When I really want tube tone, (when the wife and kids are gone... I go direct into the amp with a monster cable and crank up the gain and have some real fun." Yeah Baby! That's just it. "When Big Mamma and the lil' ones are gone," that's when we find Tube Heaven.
  16. Hey Murph, "... had a style all his own"? Man you should hear his new stuff. He's a great wordsmith. He's on myspace too. Check out "Conversation with the Devil," and "LucasNGurf" That ol' man BURNS IT UP! http://www.myspace.com/raywylie
  17. Hey... I've got a bunch of his rookie cards from way back in... what was it, 89? Anyway, yeah Matts Sundine once was a quality hockey player.
  18. James, he's the man who wrote "Redneck Mother" and thanks for noticing my guitar. That's my '88 ES-175. I call her Black Betty. She's made with Mahogany back and sides and has a Maple top. Black and gold always makes for a sexy guitar, eh? I knew she was mine the minute I laid eyes on her. She's so radically different sounding than your typical Maple-laminated 175s. Warmer, richer tones. And if I do say so myself, that's a cool guitar you got there. My next guitar will probably be a Gibson ES 347 with the "dirty-fingers" pups and coil tap. I've seen it all dressed up in black and gold too.
  19. My neighbor owns one of the remaining three. Numbers 5 and 6 were destroyed in a tour bus accident on Interstate 5 after a concert in a honky tonk bar located somewhere near Bakersfield, CA.
  20. I have to say that my Fender Custom Shop Master Built Two-tone amp is by far the best thing Fender could have done with the Blues Jr. They took it out of the small box and put it in a full size, solid pine cabinet and added a 10" speaker to go along with the 12". Now the lows, mids and highs are all present. I won't ever get rid of mine. It's a Blues Jr. all grown up. And It's Loud. They're out there if you can find them and they really rock.
  21. Anyone ever listen to Ray Wylie Hubbard? Man his 2006 "Snake Farm" disc has some infectious tunes on it. Check out "Rabbit", "Old Guitar" and especially "Live and Die Rock-n-Roll" Lord have mercy, that ol' man knows how to get his hooks in ya!
  22. Hey Thunder: If I'm not mistaken, Chuck Berry and Pete Townsend use them.
  23. Your a great dad Denny. What an awesome Christmas present for your daughter. That should inspire her creative muse.
  24. I just have to reply to this post. I used to love GC. I bought my Alembic 5-string Spoiler Bass for 1K from them in 1986. They negotiated and set me up with a finance company. They did the same thing two years later when I bought my Gibson ES-175. This summer I went in there to look over some ES-335s. I couldn't find a sales person to take the damn guitar off the wall. When I finally got someone to help me, he didn't have a clue what customer service was. When I asked about the price for a nice cherry red one, I was told by the kid, "it's $2,750." I looked in him right in the eye and said, "I've been buying from GC since you were in diapers. If you expect me to pay full retail price for that guitar, your out of your mind." I turned and walked out. It used to be a good experience. Now it's a waste of my time. Oh, yeah... One night after a gig my buddy got his Gibson double neck stolen. Two weeks later it was in GC. They wouldn't release any information to him or the authorities. Everyone knew whose guitar that was. GC did not do the right thing.
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