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  1. The prices seem fine to me. I would be interested in seeing if you could notice any difference. Seems torrified style of tops are more common with guitars these days. Guess it's the new thing.
  2. In Banff, go to the Radium hot springs. There is also the Lake Louise gondola up the mountain. Plenty of hiking to do. Canmore is a nice area. Just to the west of Crows Nest pass there is the Frank Slide ( a town was buried by a mountain slide). I am more north, closer to Jasper. Banff to Jasper is about 4hr drive. But there is the Columbia ice fields in Jasper.
  3. Modelling amps are legit finally. From the upper end Kemper, AxeFX to the Roland Blues Cube and now Fender GT. You don't need tube amps to sound good. These new GT amps are also very affordable. I see many bands gigging with modelling amps or PODs, etc and you never hear anyone (except snobby musicians) commenting that the guitar did not sound like a real amp. Your audience has no idea. It's a good time to be a guitar player at any budget. I have a Kemper and my tube amps never get played.
  4. WTF!?!?! Not a single person wonders why he is laying there???? Did they figure he went to sleep? WTF ?!? That is really messed up.
  5. Rabs, I am thinking CITES as well. Fender also has an increase coming on rosewood guitars. I would expect to see other companies doing the same.
  6. I thought Rogue One was just ok, not really something that they should have based a movie on. Parts of it were drawn out for no reason. I did like the background on how the flaw in the Death Star was created. I also liked that they tried to keep the look of the film more to the original. But overall, it could have been condensed and added into the last film.
  7. Nothing that draws you in. Looks boring, bland. You are right though, we need to see more. I can't jump the gun.
  8. My eye opening moment came about in the last couple of years. I had always been a tube amp snob; solid state/ modelling amps were for " entry level" players. Not that I was opposed to trying new tech (from solid state amps, rack units and pedals) but they never could compete with tube amps. Fast forward to 2015 and the Kemper profiling amp and...wow! Everything is turned upside down. Not only does it sound and play like a tube amp but I can profile my own tube amps. My mind was "blown"! This amp is everything I had hoped for and then some. So much so that I have sold off most of my tube amps, except for a few small wattage ones. I have now become a Kemper snob, lol.
  9. sadly this looks terrible. Have they finally destroyed the Star Wars franchise? Darn you Disney
  10. :mellow: these have been out for a year already. They are neat though.
  11. Drog


    Whoa! That grabs attention. Awesome .
  12. Very cheaply made, plastic. It sounds ok but I would never gig with it as i have doubts that it would hold up. As an entry level, home use effects; it's fine for that.
  13. Looks like a fun rotation of guitars!
  14. Nice guitar! Put a set of pure nickel strings on her and that will mellow it out a bit.
  15. Fantastic guitar, enjoy!
  16. Ha ha, we will all be in therapy shortly.
  17. I find that writing down any unfinished work that I need to do the next, helps in keeping my mind free from thinking about it and helps me sleep. Also, no tablets or phones and hour before bed.
  18. Such a shame. They are meant to be played, not tucked away in a box.
  19. I use the Gibson spray polish ( not very often). The trick is to lightly spray your cloth and not the guitar. It leaves no residue.
  20. Sounds like we need to close down the Acoustic forum area!
  21. The Father of Rock & Roll guitar, he influenced many. RIP
  22. Drog


    Bence, great review, thanks.
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