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  1. Kind of a Stones "wild horses" vibe to it. I don't have any direction, just saying I like it.
  2. I hate to even ask this question, it would be like asking what's the best oil to use in my Harley, but; So I'm told that my new J45 studio came with .012-.053 Gibson brand phosphor bronze strings. I find the tone a tad bright. I planned to put d'addario EJ16's on it. As I put them on everything I have... I have tried coated strings in the past, I don't care for them. Been my experience 80/20's would just brighten it more, I was kind of surprised when they told me the strings on it where phosphor bronze. What would you recommend to knock the edge off? I am not complaining, it really sounds good, we find it really easy to sing with. But you know...
  3. Nice! If it sounds anything like it looks you got a lifer.
  4. My uncles dad bought him a brand new Hummingbird in 1962. I first played it in the 80's, just when I visited him. He had a band and played out almost for a living. He knew all the right people to keep the guitar in tip top shape. To this day at least in my mind it played better and sounded better than any guitar I have ever held in my hands. The last time I touched it was sometime in the 90's. He has sense gifted it to his daughter, she of course will never part with it. She even learned to play on it. She lives some distance away, I will most likely never get to touch it again. I spent a long time chasing that tone. Played every hummingbird I got lucky enough to touch, but have yet to find one like it. I of course never will, I only have my memory to go on. So it will always remain the best I ever played. I'm not sure I will ever give up the search, but I have at least for now settled on a J-45 I think a lot off. But only had it a few weeks, so we are still on a honeymoon for now. Tom, that's a great picture. Love the ties, sweaters and of course skirts.
  5. My AJ45 ME was my first solid wood guitar. It became my main gigging guitar for the last couple years. It continues to get better and better the more it is played. Only two weeks ago I bough a Gibson J45 studio. It will become my main guitar, but only by the slightest of margins. The AJ45 will go to a grandchild in a few years. I have only heard the Epiphone Texan, never payed one. I like the bassy tone of the AJ45 better. It has more bass response than my new Studio, that will take some getting use to. Mine played like butter right out of the box. I absolutely did not "need" to "upgrade" to the studio. The AJ45 could do it all.
  6. I would try a pencil, some folks do it every string change, lots of people recommend it. I always try the least evasive solution first.
  7. I have been on the forum for a few years, mostly posted in the Epiphone section. I have a couple Masterbilts I am fond of. I have an old beat up J40 from about 1972 and a brand new J45 studio. And several other good playing acoustics a Martin, a Taylor and a Seagull M6 among them. I play mostly in Church and up until this year played a monthly nursing home gig. I'm a hack player but have a good time with it.
  8. I would call the tone Walnut Honey...
  9. If you take out the word "Gibson", I'm sure it happens everyday of the week somewhere. Whats a salesman gonna say. lol
  10. I am a bit confused myself. It has always been my experience that no two guitars even the same model sound identical. I also don't think you have to play fifty to find one you like. You play till you like one. If a store has one and you like it, buy it. Nothing in that clip seems like new information. I would expect the same result with any model of any maker? Is there someone out there with such a cookie cutter process? Full disclosure; Proud new owner of an J45 Studio. I am still in the honeymoon period. I think I may have the best one ever made.
  11. Got it Friday. Never thought I would mail order a guitar, but this all worked out great. I really love it, sounds great and plays like butter. Couldn't be happier with the finish. I hulled many a walnut as a kid, glad to see something really useful done with it. lol
  12. I don't know about a "real" J45, but this didn't work on my AJ45 masterbilt.
  13. I have leaned this year that I am apparently an essential worker. I want a raise. You may call me sir. And to the ones that really are essential, thank you for your service. It's to hot and wet to fish, I hate that...
  14. I have had mine a couple of years now, it continues to improve. It is the best sounding guitar I have owned. When I bought it new that was not the case. It was OK, but it has really broken in with playing. I have not changed anything but strings. Action was great "out of the box". It's the first all solid wood guitar for me, it sold me on the idea. It taught me that sometimes you buy looking forward to what it could be. There is some risk, as not every guitar will turn out to be a great one. I assume he meant $20 on the bridge work?
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