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  1. I have had my AJ-45 ME a little over a year now, it really improves with playing. It really opened up by the first string change. But continues to improve almost weekly. The looks of the guitar has grown on me including the pick guard. I would like to hear what you think of it in a month or two.
  2. Hi i'm Anna.

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    Kisses Seagull

  3. I have noticed several Masterbilts being played in the Indy music circles. And for good reason I thing. I love both of mine. While my stage is not very big, I find they work well on it...
  4. I just pickup a used AJ-500M with the blended system. Mine is working fine a present, being able to blend the two pickups really is a great advantage. Love the system so far, and the built in turner is nice also. I saw a new guitar with what looks like the same setup so I guess they still offer this system?
  5. The OP is a couple years old. But I agree with the masterbilt being fine guitars. I don't know how much better the first five years where, but my 2017 AJ-45ME would be really hard to beat. I liked it when I bought it, but now months down the road I love it. One of my grand kids with one day have it.
  6. http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Acoustic/Electric/Masterbilt-2015-AJ-45ME.aspx AJ-45ME is my favorite so far. If they ever come out with a Masterbilt Hummingbird that might be a solid running up...
  7. "Little Nashville", Brown county is about 20-30 minutes East of Bloomington. Vincennes is a nice little town, you will find some interesting things there. On your way to Louisville you got Marengo Cave. http://www.marengocave.com/ Have a fun and safe visit. Good luck to the team.
  8. I have the Hummingbird Pro and like it, I am thinking about picking up the matching Dove. I played one last week and it was a nice guitar. My youngest grand kids are both under two years old. I figure by the time they are ready to play, the guitars will be aged to perfection...
  9. I agree. My AJ45ME has been fantastic. It just keeps improving. Every Masterbilt I have seen has been great. I don't know what the "early" ones where like, but mine is a 2017 model and I couldn't ask for better. My Martin and Taylor have not been out of the case yet this year. I can't ever see selling this guitar, my kids or grand kids will one day have it.
  10. I live in southern Indiana, don't know how far south and west you are talking, but Bloomington has a couple of nice guitar shops. Its a collage town. Sounds like you won't be too far from Evansville? I have not been to Moore's Music in a lot of years, but they use to be a great place: https://www.mooreguitars.com/ I would agree with going to Louisville, science museum, zoo, Louisville Mega Cavern. https://louisvillemegacavern.com/ Do a search for guitar shops in Louisville. Most of the good mom and pop shops are closed on the Indiana side of the river.
  11. This is exactly why a person needs great beater guitars. But bar gig vs salt air gig, I would think the danger level may be a wash...
  12. Still loving this guitar. I will say it is breaking in nicely and sounding better every week. I liked it when I got it, but the tone has greatly improved with just the few months I have had it. I play weekly at Church and have at least one hour long gig every month. This is the only guitar I am using at the moment. The pick-up system is pretty impressive, but most of my playing is straight acoustic.
  13. BTW: This guitar is the best guitar I have yet to own. If you are on the fence, please try one. It just keep sounding better and better. I didn't see much change with the bridge pin change, but didn't expect to either. I like the neck better than it's true Gibson namesake. I gig a little and play in Church every week, and this is the only guitar I use at the moment.
  14. Two cool stories. Wonder if the OP ever got his up and running.
  15. From Gibson customer service: Thanks for the email. We do not have sizing information for other manufacturer’s bridge pins. However, current Epiphone bridge pins are .203” at the top of the shaft(just below the skirt), and .153” at the tip. Thanks again, and I hope this helps!
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