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  1. I think you will be happy with your choice. I don't like the looks of a cut away and don't make use of it. But everyone of these guitars that I have played off the rack have sounded great without exception. These are real sleepers I think. I have two masterbilts, both are very good guitars. My AJ500ME I bought second hand, it was a factory second. It is a great guitar to sing with. The pick-up system on it is the best of any guitar I have played. Its a dual source with the "barn door" controls on the topside. Very easy to work with and very versatile. Built in tuner. I use my AJ45ME everywhere. I play out a couple times a month. It is just so good to sing with. I got it a couple years ago new, it just continues to improve. I buffed around on mine some, it could use more. I like a gloss top for durability if for no other reason. The pick-up controls are hidden inside the sound hole. It makes it very nice from a visual standpoint, and I don't plug in often. I also own a Epiphone Hummingbird Pro. Its a nice guitar but doesn't really compare with the Masterbilts. I really do wish they would make a Hummingbird Masterbilt. I agree with you that the Pro does a good job when plugged in. I will still take my out when I think the weather is to cold to have the others out. My Hummingbird does sound better than it did new, my youngest grandson has taken a liking to it. It will be his soon. All my guitars are strung with D'Addario EJ16.
  2. Only got to hear the last version, but I liked it.
  3. Even with a pot of water on the wood stove I can only manage about 35% in the winter here in Indiana. I use the sponge in a baggy trick for my six cases. You don't have to have a door, you can put up a curtain for a closet door. Add a humidifier and a small ceramic heater and you can keep it what ever you want pretty easy.
  4. Pic of mine from last Christmas. Nothing has changed but the tone keeps improving. I added the small sound hole tuner you can just see in the picture. It is a great guitar to sing with, I have had it everywhere. I polished on mine a bit, but would love to get it even glossier. I just used a micro fiber cloth and 0000 steel wool. These things are kind of sleepers, you may strum a new one and not think it is anything special, but give it a few weeks and you may never what to put it down. Mine will soon be at the 2 year mark. I have yet to replace the batteries in the pick-up. But I only use them about every other week for a half hour or so each time. That's not a lot, but I would have to replace the AA's in my Martin two or three times by now...
  5. Ready to go out on the town tonight for a local gig. You can see the two pins that where added to the bridge to secure it "forever".
  6. I'll soon be coming up on two years of ownership of my AJ-45ME. Action was perfect out the door and I have yet to touch it. I play it everywhere I go, we do a bit of gigging and it just seems to work everywhere. It continues to get better and better sounding. Very easy to sing with, lots of complements on tone.
  7. Great song. The right woman is just enough, the wrong one is one way to many. I'm gonna write a book one day. The folks that have only known me the last 20 years will likely pass out. Most of the smart ones disowned me long before that...
  8. We chose to leave the pin-less bridge, it was still in pretty good shape. He did add two thru pins to help secure it in place. It really made a difference in the tone of the guitar 100% for the better. It was rather a dud before. I had him put very light strings on it, but after he said we could go up a gauge if I wanted. We will see, it still covers a room pretty good and plays like butter...
  9. A local Luther brought my old J-40 back to life. The pin-less bridge gave way to low RH several years ago. He did a great job with the repair. Plays better than ever and sound much better. It's an early 70 version. It's a keep sake belonged to an old friend of mine that passed a decade ago. Seems good details on these are hard to find. Kind of like they just put together what was left at the end of the day. I have heard them called a work'in mans J-45.
  10. I have had my AJ-45 ME a little over a year now, it really improves with playing. It really opened up by the first string change. But continues to improve almost weekly. The looks of the guitar has grown on me including the pick guard. I would like to hear what you think of it in a month or two.
  11. Hi i'm Anna.

    I am the frаgile and gentle wоmаn who needs a strong and reliаble partner in lifе.

    My photo hеrе https://sex-gibson.tumblr.com

    Kisses Seagull

  12. I have noticed several Masterbilts being played in the Indy music circles. And for good reason I thing. I love both of mine. While my stage is not very big, I find they work well on it...
  13. I just pickup a used AJ-500M with the blended system. Mine is working fine a present, being able to blend the two pickups really is a great advantage. Love the system so far, and the built in turner is nice also. I saw a new guitar with what looks like the same setup so I guess they still offer this system?
  14. The OP is a couple years old. But I agree with the masterbilt being fine guitars. I don't know how much better the first five years where, but my 2017 AJ-45ME would be really hard to beat. I liked it when I bought it, but now months down the road I love it. One of my grand kids with one day have it.
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