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  1. I have an Epiphone Hummingbird Pro. It will be my grandsons guitar one day. But if I get the chance to upgrade him to one of these first I will. He is only 2, so I have a little time yet... The pro is my profile picture.
  2. I played mine for almost three years out somewhere nearly every week. Hope you love yours as much as I do mine.
  3. I have tried lots of new Hummingbirds a long the way, but either never found the right one when I was in the market to buy or never had the cash when I thought I had. I never noticed issues with action or finish, mine was just tonal. It seems to me the care the guitar gets right after manufacture could have a big impact on the pick guard? Temp and moisture extremes? It seems with my solid wood guitars that the first couple years seem to need the most attention. Mine seem less reactive after that. I think when/if you find the right Hummingbird there is nothing that could take it's
  4. The very best new Hummingbird I could find, I would be willing to travel a bit to find just the right one. I don't want to buy vintage, I want to make it vintage...
  5. If one of those Hummingbirds get into my hands, they may not get it back. I just got a Gibson J-45 Studio in October, wish I knew these where coming out. After three years I was so impressed with my AJ-45 I wanted to try the next step. I am not unhappy with my Studio, far from it! But, a man can only justify owning so many guitars, and I pasted that point several guitars ago...
  6. I hope to one day live long enough (54 at present) that all I have to worry about is how much glue is in my guitar and if I'm wearing the frets down with my capo. And ponder over morning coffee if my pick guard is really the style for what I'm going for. I want to one day go to sleep dreaming of the perfect color capo. Have you seen them LED ones that change color? Please don't take offense, I'm just making light of our first world problems. BTW; I have a 1972 Gibson J-40 and a 2020 J-45 studio and love them both. I think the second one is as fine a guitar as anyone has ever
  7. I just don't have any issues with the Kyser capo's. They work fine for me. I always scratch my head when I see people complain. Kind of makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong...
  8. J-45 Studio Walnut Burst, manufactured August this year. Replaced "man made bone" saddle and plastic bridge pins with bone. Left the OEM nut and kept same strings. The tech and I both feel it has more bass response. Happy with the result. Might change nut out at next string change, might not. All parts where off E-bay, just cow bone. (I could see no change in the pick-up response.)
  9. Seems this virus has been pretty good for guitar sales and toilet paper. Maybe even some guitars made from toilet paper... That theft was in my back yard, my J-45 came from Sweetwater. Hard to say if it was targeted or not, might have just been opportunity. Skid closest to trailer door. Made for some free publicity to see it as a target...
  10. Well my brand new J-45 is only a studio walnut burst, hardly top of the line. But I can find nothing wrong with the fit and finish. The set-up was spot on and the top and sides could be fine furniture. Sounds great out of the box and only expecting it to improve. I did buy it as a player not a collector. And to be honest I have never looked inside other than to read the sticker. I had never though of nor plan to inspect the inside of it as you have, so I'm not sure what I might find. But I'm pretty sure I wouldn't care. Just because I'm not a collector doesn't mean I don't care wha
  11. Nice looking guitar! Does "big leaf maple" refer to the pattern in the maple? Like "bearclaw" does to other woods?
  12. I have a full bone set-up on its way for my new J-45 studio. Gonna save everything so I can switch back at next string change if I don't care for it.
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