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NGD 2013 PRS 408 MT


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NGD 2013 PRS 408 MT




It is finally here.

Took about four months, and it seemed to drag on forever, but I got the call yesterday that it was on the UPS truck.


It would not be ready for pickup though until today since the tech at my dealer changed out the 10 - 46 strings for Ernie Ball Cobalts in 9 - 42.

I run that gauge on all of my guitars, so I like to keep it consistent.


As soon as my dealer opened the case, he pointed out that this is very close to a Ten Top, and that it was more of a quilt top than a flame, but it kind of looks like both in away.

The color is Antique Natural.


As a bonus I also got a control cover hand signed by Paul himself, very nice!

Paul will also be visiting my dealers store sometime in June, so he will be calling me to let me know when Paul will be there for the meet and greet.


I am very use to playing my three PRS SE models which are considerably cheaper than the USA built ones, so right away I noticed some big differences.

The control knobs are mounted in a recessed hole, and the contours on the sides of the guitar are much deeper and pronounced.

It is more comfortable to me to hold.


Playing the guitar unplugged sounds very nice like it rings more, better quality wood.


I went for the pattern thin neck which is kind of similar to the wide/thin neck I have on my SE Custom 24 and the SE Tremonti Custom.

Very comfortable for me to play.

I guess I prefer a thinner neck over fatter one.

Could be why these feel much nicer to me than my old Gibson '73 Les Paul Deluxe which had a fatter neck on it.

Even my Gibson SGs slim profile neck feels better than my old Les Paul.


I have not plugged in the guitar to any of my amps yet, will get to that later, as I wanted to get the pics out of the way first and just play the guitar for a bit to see how it plays.

As others have said, it plays like a dream.


Still need to swap out the stock strap pins for the Schaller Locking pins, but not in a hurry to get to that yet, as I am going to go back to playing it after I post this.


Here are some pics of the new guitar.

Wish I had a better camera, still not done researching what would be the best choice for me.

Also picked up a mic cab boom while I was there today.



















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Nice one. I love Paul's guitars.


I gotta ask, though. Why the rush to post pictures of a guitar you have not even plugged in yet? I don't get why people do that. Nothing like "hey, look at this beauty" followed up with "doesn't sound too great."


(It's Saturday morning and I haven't had my coffee yet. [biggrin])

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I'll answer that question. I haven't heard one PRS that doesn't sound great! I read about the 408 in the PRS newsletter and I was immediately impressed. I don't know how they keep doing it, but PRS continues to put out great new and innovative products. Congrats on your new purchase. Can't wait for you to tell us how great it sounds. [biggrin]

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Thanks everyone, will be plugging it in a little later this morning after the neighbors have stirred some more.


Rocketman is right, even my SE models made in South Korea there is not a dud amongst them.

The Korean pickups sound great, cannot wait to hear these 408 in full humbucker and split coil mode.

Nice thing with the 408 design is you loose no DB when switching to single coil mode.


Diamond, I will try to get some pics of the top again without the flash on.

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Sweet, take a picture of that top withour the flash. So how does the "408" system sound ?

Here are two pics from a bit ago with the flash off.


The sound is great, I plugged it into my Blackstar HT5R and Orange 1x12 Celestion Vintage 30.

Will be trying it out later today with the bigger Carvin V3M amp.





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