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I was looking at a Fender guitar....

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While scoping out some new model teles my gf says hun come check this guitar out. I said come here first, now understand that my gf knows very little about them to begin with but she sees the tele and says thats kind of plain. Come see the one i like! So i do, feeling a little skeptical like its gonna be a daisy rock or something silly. All of a sudden she points to this Gibson ES-335 Memphis dot in figured cherry i believe?


Wow, what a stunning guitar! Abit out of my price range but i ended up not buying the tele and on the way out of the store my gf says, i dont like Fenders, they are so plain, lol. She tells me if i could get that online in payments she might not complain because she likes the colour. Ever have an experience like this? PS, if you have any pics of your es models id love to see them.

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Yes twice now. Last year I had a 2010 Gibson Silverburst studio Les Paul and I said to my wife I don't like this studio near as good as my standard I had.


She said well Zzounds is offering 12 payments I saw it on facebook so I got a Classic Custom Les Paul and sold the silverburst paid it off quick.


I was going to get a Custom Ebony with chrome but saw the richlite fretboard and said no and got the classic custom.


Then since she was ok with me spending 4 grand I went back to get the Classic Plus all sold out of my old 06 color.


Next month they offer the Signature T in Trans Black.


I go hey they got that guitar back only better she said well you better get it.


But she likes my Fenders too, they are not so plain.












Sweet! Ive never tried a hss strat. That les paul is sexy, something about an all black les paul they just pop.

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My wife weighs in on all purchases... The ones she likes def stick around longer and she has OKd so pretty great deals over the years....


Not a huge fender fan though.., I think I instilled gibsons are better a bit too well. I managed sneak In a pawn shop Strat a couple of years ago

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My wife and I were in our local guitar candy store and I was looking at Gibson's and she was on the Fender isle talking to the owner, he told her about the new Fender Stratocaster American Select and how it had all the features on it that Fender had learned over the years and it was the best Fender Strat made.




I'm over here in the Gibson section paying for a Gibson ES 335 Custom I fell in love with




Neither one of us knew what the other had found or was doing, it was around Christmas and I had told my wife what I wanted and I ended up with both.My wife bought me the Fender for Christmas and I bought the Gibson for my Christmas present.All was well till we went to the Jewelry store

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Mrs.B. knows her "guitar flesh" and can tell pearloid from real MOP at 20 yards away.....she can tell ebony from rosewood at 15.

she says "plain fbs look better w/fancy grain bodys and vice-versa".

she picked my SG Std. from a pack of them by the body grain and picked both of the bodys below




it's often said that after a few decades together a cpl even starts to LOOK alike

what do y'all think?










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