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Info on 2014 Epi (New) Century amp

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It's proven to be a great little amp. I have put about 4 hours on it now and it sounds great and I attribute a lot of that to the wooden cab - really articulate at lower to mid levels on the volume (and all 3 input jacks) and a nice tweed like grind when you crank her up - perfect for classic rock genre and/or blues riffs . I have ordered the official Epiphone single footswitch which added another $29.95 to the overall cost of the amp which was probably silly because I'll most likely never take her out of the studio but just wanted the only accessory that came with it to make it a complete setup in case I ever want to sell it off into the future. They did a great job on this amp for the price point. [thumbup]

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Yeah mine too. Oh well the footswitch can wait - I'm just glad we got ahold of the amps! [love]=D>


Does anybody know if a generic footswitch will work with these? One thing that's sort of neat is how you can stomp through the different input voicings, using a standard a/b stompbox going to the dark and bright (or normal) inputs.


I lengthened the speaker cable (solder + heatshrink) for its internal speaker and routed it out one of the slot-vents to plug into the external speaker jack. Now, it's a simple task to unplug the internal speaker for when using a closed-back cab. I didn't like how the open back Electar speaker sounded when used in conjunction with my external cab. I've just been plugging it into the footswitch jack to keep it from flailing about when using it with an external cabinet.


My favorite thing is how the amp sits "right side up" inside this combo, like in a head. Most combos mount the amplifier up top, and have their tubes hanging upside down. Also, the input is on the right, with the power switch on the left, again like a head instead of most combos.


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