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Are firebirds weight relieved?


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I don't think they are, and also think they never routed cavities in the sidewings except for electronics. All the Firebirds I ever held in my hands were rather light.


Gibson use pretty lightweight mahogany planks sometimes. My Explorer surprised me with decent weight, too, more like an SG than a Les Paul in this respect. It isn't weight relieved for sure, or it would have to have a pancake construction which is not the case.

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That is a very interesting discovery.

It got me thinking now : are there weight relieved SGs too?


Never heard of one. YMMV.


I don't see the practical use of relieving weight on a guitar that isn't very heavy.

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Just for historical information.....


My 1964 Firebird was anything BUT lightweight.



One of the reasons I asked is that I had a mid 70's firebird many moons ago and I remember it being heavy. Of course I was a wisp of a person back then so relatively speaking it would have been heavy, even if light. Also the guy at the store last week said, with confidence, that "all Gibsons are weight relieved". We were communicating in 2 different languages however so there was room for error. His English was better than my German.


I want a white one badly like Johnny Winter has on the cover of captured live. The one I played last week was burst and I have halfway become a convert. Watched Ronnie Woods play one on the flight back. It was during the Hyde Park show. If you haven't seen that show it was fantastic. They played just as many Gibsons as Fenders. Ronnie and his Firebird and LPs and Keef on a black 335 (I think) and a TV yellow LP junior and Mick on a hummingbird for Can't Always Get. Damn I live vicariously through these shows I tell ya.



Is this not the coolest picture? This album changed my life. Like the thread on collectors guitars, not that I want a replica, but it definitely influenced my decision to get one back then and now.


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