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The Anti-GAS Thread


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To me having a bunch of guitars is cool but it is more of a distraction than the benefit, while some do add to the palate of tones sounds or whatever I seem to end up dialing things similarly.


Being a relentless modder is also a distraction with every new guitar I get here comes a new project.


I once heard somebody say, be careful that the equipment you own does not end up owning you and that is very true.


I do try to let the guitar do it's thing, a set of single coils, will not respond the same way a set of humbuckers do. Usually it's a matter of tweaking the gain settings, and of course, the Q settings (treble, mid, bass) -- I know the sweet spots, so that's where I'll go, some times it's subtle, but yet different enough for the nuances to come thru


I'm not really all that much of a modder, so that is usually NOT a problem.


I'm not sure I related to the other comment, (be careful that the equipment you own does not end up owning you) but sometimes, it's a great debate on which axe comes along. Maybe that's part of what you are getting to.


-- Milod --> Exactly...

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I don't hang out at the bar with the boys.

I don't chase other women.

I don't smoke. (except for the occasional fine cigar while on vacation)

I treat my wife like a queen.

I work hard and pay my bills


My one vice is buying guitars!


Tough noogies.

I'll never stop!!!!



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