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Interesting saddle setup


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I bought a Taylor 12-string. An all Koa K66. There's a couple interesting things about this Taylor. It has the optional three piece Koa back. It also has the CV bracing with the relief route. And what I think is the most interesting thing is the dual-compensated bone saddle. Each string of the lower eight strings is individually compensated. Additionally, each of the lower four high octave strings have their saddles raised to bring the string height of the smaller string up to its bigger lower octave (a couple of pics below). The sound is a rich, even, and on pitch up the fretboard.


When I stared looking at Taylor's Koa 12-string guitars last year there were plenty to be found. Wildwood had four or five of the cutaway model (K66 CE) and even at their expensive price point, the last one just sold. I was trying to avoid the cutaway model and was hoping to find a used K66 (no cutaway, no electronics). A couple weeks ago I found a used 2015. Love it. It's got a nicely done shaded edgeburst, and from the multilayer purfling to the fretboard vine inlay the workmanship is excellent. I couldn't be happier.


Here you can see the individual saddle compensations -



Here's a look at the height compensations for the high octave strings -













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Wow that is a convoluted saddle!


I noted a similar (but less complex) saddle on blindboygrunt's new HD-35.


Both saddles look like the luthiers had to spend a good deal of time getting them right. Not the standard-issue bone slip-in piece.


Congratulations on your new, very beautiful guitar. Like Anne S, I'd like to hear a sound sample.




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Congratulations BK..from BK777! [biggrin]



Stunning guitar!


Very hard for photos to do the Koa justice, but I saw one at a local shop - too scared to try it because of the price and also it looked 'alive' on the stand.


I didnt notice the saddle - is that standard or just yours?




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I have to admit that truly is one gorgeous guitar. I am one of those guys though for whom the "Taylor sound" just does not work.


As they say with 12 strings you spend half your time tuning and the other half playing out of tune. Maybe this is Taylor's way of trying to deal wth intonation and placement of the bridge pins.

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