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60th anniv Tele on CL

Tim Plains

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My G.A.S. for a '52 VR Tele is gone. I still want one, but not a '52.

I came across this on on CL and I might check it out this weekend.

The seller says condition is 9/10. No fret wear with minor nicks & scratches.

The thing that strikes me as odd is that it doesn't have a hard case.

A 60th anniversary American Standard with no hard case?

I think it's just a Tele made in the anniversary year and he's trying to pass it off as an official anniversary edition.

Anyone know what this should go for? $700 asking price. I think it's a bit high.

A new Highway One Tele goes for around $800.


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Hey Murph' date='

that guy replied to one of my posts yesterday.

R9, My post was 60th Anniversary Telecaster and Gibson Les Paul Jr. Amp.


His name is Borris Bubbanov I think.



Yep, that's him. I haven't been there in a LONG time, it's too heavily moderated, Paul was very rude to me a few times, even emailing me. At one time you couldn't even mention cops, smoking laws, all kind of stupid rules. Just silly sh!t.


I bought over $5000.00 worth of Gibson gear last year.


No Fender gear.


Go figure.

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1933 Gibson Mandolin. Owned by the late GREAT Scotty Stoneman. George Gruhn/Gruhns Nashville . $2000.00


2007 Custom shop ES-339 Vintage Burst. Musicians Friend. $1799.00


2008 Les Paul Studio Fireburst for my daughters 9th birthday. Special discount. I forget? $1127.00 ?


6; T shirts at Opry Mills.


It's a new year.......


Best of luck.



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Boris Bubbanov posts a lot at the Squier 51 modders fourm. He must have about 10 of them like somebody said. I think he got them on clearance when they did not sell well.


Boris must have more than 100 Teles in total and that may be a low number...


His ears maybe burning just by typing his namesake in this forum, he's no exactly a Gibson fan.



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