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What year was my Gold Top made, and what's it's value? Please Help!


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Hello All,


Very happy to have found this forum.


I think I have a summer of 69' Gold Top, but cannot confirm the birthdate.


It's making me insane!!!!!#-o


The serial numbers read 7 99049, stamped. Looks like a space between the 7 and 9, but tight space. (I'll post a link to view some picts.)


Now, here's what's throwing me off....under the serial numbers, "Made in the USA" is not stamped or inked.


The volute tells me early 70's, but without the "Made in the USA" imprint, I would think late 60's.


3 pc. neck and body. Double Knobs.


I cannot locate the serial numbers for my guitar off of any serial list I've found. Please help!


Here's a link to view, as I do not know how to post:




Thank you!

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I bought the guitar in the early 90's.


I've double checked the serial list, and again my numbers show up in the 70's, but no "Made in the USA", which were

placed starting 70. I contacted Gibson earlier today and am awaiting a reply.


Do you think it's possible that they may have missed my guitar as far as the USA imprint, or perhaps they used different year pieces.



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Comparing your description through a couple of reference books I would say you have an early 1970 Deluxe. I show the "volute" first appearing in "early 1970", and the "Made In USA" being reintroduced in "1970". I also show '70 as ONE of the years the 799XXX serial number might possibly have been used. The Deluxe did have a three piece neck when it was first introduced.


To me, the defining characteristics of this guitar are that there IS a "volute" but NO "Made In USA". By any published materials I can find this must be a 1970 model.


The potentiometer date codes may shed a little more light on the subject, or might just cloud it up some more.

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Someone has to tell me what volute means...


The headstock is the wrong size for it to have come from the 50's.

About 1960 the body was changed and didn't reappear until the late 60's.


Don't waste your time looking for a specific date, the databases are only as good as the person who had to type them in.


Treat it as an excercise in pattern analysis.

It's not the numbers, its how they are formatted.

Taking into account that the model had been recently reintroduced, it accounts for some nebulosity while procedures and accounting would catch up with production.

Once you take into account when features appeared, you can then narrow the field and start to treat the numeric inconsistently as a typo in the database.


You only have so many numbers to look at.

Provided you can cross-reference the numbers to the original paintjob, you can probably nail it.

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It's an early, Deluxe, maybe late 1969, but more likely 1970 build. These were the first LPs with the mini humbuckers, and featured the laminated bodies and three piece necks with the volute. The tip off that it's an early one is that characteristic ring around the pickups, known as a "boo-boo" ring because the pickup routing was done incorrectly, and, no "made in USA" stamp. The volute was an attempt to reinforce the weak spot at the nut. It worked, but everyone hated it.


As for value, hard to say. Due to the spec changes, plus high volume production compared to earlier ones, these aren't the most collectible of older LPs. However, seems nearly all 70s guitars seem to have risen in value over the past decade. Many of these poor guitars were beaten senseless, hogged out for standard humbuckers, etc. over the years. So, if you have one in original condition that's something of a miracle right there. Check the VG price Guide and other sources. Nice guitar, none the less.

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