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Interesting new limited models


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How did they dare putting a pickguard on this top [crying]

I know right.. I never would unless specifically asked too..


And even then I may moan, like when a chef gets asked to cook some posh bit of meat well done and refuses to do it :) (that actually happened to me once)

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Wow. Those are all nice. Love the 12 string too. Wish they would put the prices on. Not that I could afford one but inquiry minds would like to know! I don't see Gibson on Facebook and I get lots of other guitar makers on it. Got to sign up for it.

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I thought this one is pretty interesting... Cant even imagine how much that cost


Leather top hand-tooled basket weave Les Paul with engraved hardware



Still I can at least console myself knowing that I cant actually afford any of them anyway.... [rolleyes]


That guitar would be too high maintenance for me. For the 1st 6 months I would get out the boot polish & brush it once a month.

After that I'd just rub dubbin in a couple of times a year.


All that cleaning would spoil the lovely new Gibson smell pretty quick.

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"Les Paul Special Plus Limited

A powerhouse flat top Les Paul with plenty of punch. Beautiful and truly unique

looking, the Les Paul Special Plus Limited combines a modern-vintage look

with the punch of a pair of 490R and 498T humbuckers."


They have a proper page up for this guitar now..


Really like all of the finishes






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