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Nice story----Nice Hummingbird

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Oh wow, i recognised that newsreader immediately. This is actually from my home town, Adelaide, South Australia and Memorial Drive was the main concert venue before they build the Entertainment Center some 20 odd years ago.


Also the hospital he visited is just a few minutes drive from where my folks live and i grew up.


What a great gesture from Mr Cash, would have made that battlers life a little bit more pleasant that day.

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Johnny Cash!! What an inspiration. It must have been wonderful for Johnny to know that he could make someone's life better just by showing up and playing his guitar. Such soul in the man's voice. After all he'd been through, he refused to grow old and bitter and instead extended warmth and compassion to so many who needed it.


I recently watched the 2 DVD Johnny Cash Show highlights and was amazed by the terrific performances and the variety of the artists shown. Eric Clapton in his Derek and the Dominoes days with Carl Perkins just slashing away. Neil Young and James Taylor filling the room with voice and guitar. Bob Dylan being Bob Dylan. Waylon, Ray Price, Creedence....Bill Monroe reminding us of what 'Blue Moon of Kentucky' sounded like before Elvis ramped it up.


That unlucky family soon lost their loved one, but at least they got the best kind of memory possible given the situation.


I wish more performers could connect with their audiences like this. But it's a tall order. Thanks so much for sharing that.

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