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1965 Gibson Hummingbird at Carter's


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...I believe it's the simplest model Gibson made as it was a limited edition custom shop model.

Yes I know about the base board heat = OFF...I have a humidifier as well in the room and one for each acoustic inside the case. :rolleyes:


Actually I kind of like it w/o the pattern on the pg, looks bang on besides I can always swap it for an OEM if I want to in the future in which will rub off with the playing I do.


My numero uno alas! [thumbup]



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I just saw a 1965 Gibson Hummingbird for sale online at Carter Vintage Guitars, Nashville:








Damn, this looks just like my 1964 Gibson Hummingbird (Serial # 180561) that was stolen by Steve Jackson of Jackson's Rare Guitars, asshole he is!

post-67645-073516700 1484447196_thumb.jpg

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Too bad about the pickguard. Shame you can't really fix them unless they just fall off. don't know how correct this is, but I was told that back in the day Gibson use to use Nitro/lacquer to glue those pickguards on. they'd paint the backside with lacquer and put it on the top and use a clamp of some sort to hold it down.

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