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1941 reissue SJ100


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Last week I swapped my J15 and LG2AE for a '41 SJ100, mainly because the neck profiles in the 15 and AE didn't fall comfortably in my hand and they weren't getting played.


Having gigged it twice now (just got back from the second gig!) and played it around the house quite a bit, I can say with confidence that I BLOODY LOVE the SJ100. It's absolutely knockout in every way. It's light, VERY resonant, loud as hell but very sweet, has one of the best necks I've ever played and looks beautiful too.


I was wary of trading initially as I already have a great SJ200 and I didn't really know if the 100 would be different enough to justify it, but it's a TOTALLY different beast, much more midrange murmuration and a gorgeous top end that sounds like sighing bells. The bottom end is slightly rounder and less thunderous than my SJ200 but is warm all day long and the guitar works brilliantly for vocal accompaniment.


I'm frankly astonished that Gibson have stopped making these...maybe there wasn't enough profit in them (mine has the best attention to detail of any Gibson I've owned and the finish is flawless from top to toe) but the fact there aren't any more makes me determined to hang onto mine and play it until it's Triggerised!!

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Congrats on the SJ-100 RI- the mahogany super jumbo is indeed a different kettle of fish; somewhere between the SJ-200 and the J-45. If pressed, maybe more akin to a J-45 BigBody.


An interesting experiment to try is to tune down the SJ-100 a half-step, capo on F1, and do an a/b/c with an J-45 and a SJ-200. This will put the guitar as ~.625” shorter scale than the J-45, but will demonstrate how much scale length factors into the sound. You might even like it more as a short scale, but imminent fret wear from the capo would be a strong deterrent

from doing this long-term.

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