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Are humans getting dumberer?


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Cultural shifts toward political-correctness (at the expense of strength and the truth), One must not confuse "political correctness" with being empathetic and considerate towards others who's experiences are/were not like our own. Strength and truth is achieved through what some mistake for this so-called "political correctness".


kinder-gentler education systems that both re-write history on the fly and compromise accountability and the truth, I don't know about this and can't speak from experience. But what I DO know is that, when I worked for an educational publisher for 6.5 years, we had to create a special "Texas" edition of our textbooks. They don't like the truth down there, and attempt to sanitize history.


corporate-owned news media that have lost all connections to integrity and the truth, You just need to know which ones are telling the truth, and which ones have an agenda that they cling to... despite what the truth is. I avoid the latter media and choose the former.


television programming aimed at the lowest common denominator, celebrating vapid stupidity and ignoring the truth, Again, you just need to find the intelligent and worthwhile programming—which often is pulled off the air, while the low-brow junk lives on for yet another season. But then, that's the fault of the dumbed-down viewers for what gets picked-up for another season and what gets axed. 'Give the people what they want.


and an obsession with personal digital devices, constant connection to social media, steadily creating a society of texting, stumbling, drooling morons who don't even know the difference between falsehood and the truth. Agreed.


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Dumber and Dumberer.......surely a recently discovered Dickens manuscript.....?


Or a long established legal firm situated in central London...


Yes....from early childhood many children are given too many toys....superceding the wonder of a piece of string, blade of grass or cardboard box.....dry.gif


And the 'amateur' sources of facts from the internet can discourage the brain from thinking and being challenged....


Regarding urinals :-


If one encounters an 'Out of Order' sign


Consider going freelance......[thumbup]






PS Mrs V is humming 'It's Different for Girls'



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Ever watch Jeopardy? There's people on there who know what the elemental fraction of Carbon 14 there is in Methusela's left toenail dust in 3246 B.C. but almost NOBODY EVER wagers the right amount in final Jeopardy. I can yell at my TV until 2093 and it won't help all the dummies that can't do eighth grade logic and math. Even the math teachers on Jeopardy can't wager properly. [unsure]


Then there's the people my age who haven't cracked a book since high school and now they're sixty and unable to adapt. I don't have much sympathy for them. [rolleyes]

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