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New to the Forum, playin' for years!

Attilla D'

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Hello to one and all! Gotta love a place like this!!

Player gone collector, here, and it would appear I find myself in pretty amazing company, I must say.

Looking forward to sharing, and having learned so much already from posts on here over the last 3 days,

I anticipate a whole lot more of that also.

Will add/post some pics of my Harem after a bit of research of policies.

Already saw examples of the "No pix = It didn't happen"-rule here and there, & I get it, 'cause I'm from 'VEGAS, baby!!.

Looking forward, also, to some like-minded Computeraderie, & I've no doubt I will find some of that here.

Plent of time for "chatty" another time, so .........TTYL!


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Wait, you got cheesecake when you joined? I think Kidblast stole mine! Anyway, welcome to the forums. Can't wait to see some guitar porn, errrm, PICTURES!


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


yea,, it was awesome too.. washed it down with some Bourbon... [thumbup]

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