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Assume you talk about the sofa, , , ,

but hey , , the guy can play


True- we've all become a little spoiled by the Hummingbird acoustic sound. I'd liked to have heard it unplugged; it's just another flavor.


Also- what was that he was playing? First sounded like Jackson 5's "I'll be there", then something reminiscent of the band Chicago.


all those toes, not one a-tappin'

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I use instagram a lot and it's pretty sad when people tag gibson acoustic and what they are actually holding is a Chibson ... People actually fall for this crap (maybe not in the states but in other parts of the globe)

Agree, JCV - many people out there don't have a lot, , , neither knowledge or access to candy.

Plenty of dreams, I guess, to keep them afloat.



The headstock btw. is very 1969/70.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


burst - impressing you hear both Jackson 5 and Chicago* in there. 2 acts only known from outside here.

The fellow sure ain't Al Di Meola, but he has good time.






*that LP-cover concept had staying-power

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