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A "non Gibson" question


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Hi folks.

I consider to buy a carbon fiber big body Jumbo guitar (need a guitar to take in the mountains and at the sea side).

I was looking at some Rainsongs...

Nobody is selling carbon fiber guitars in my country (Bulgaria) and I have never played on one...

So please suggest me where can I buy one online. I don't need a brand new - an used instrument in a good shape would be a nice find.

Thank you in advance.

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We have two Composite Acoustics (CA) Legend guitars. These were developed as possible bluegrass instruments with the help of Tim Stafford, the bluegrass flatpicker.


They are actually quite good guitars -- I first experienced one in a jam session with Shane Blackwell, and the sound really impressed me. They can stand in for rhythm in a bluegrass session pretty well, and they are good flatpickers. I also will sometimes plug them in for a gig where the venue can't handle true acoustic setups and I also fingerpick them with fingerpicks. Best of all, I throw them in the car and I don't have to worry about them as I would with an old herringbone or AJ, and I don't mind handing them to strangers.


I bought both of ours on the used market -- I just watched the internet until they showed up. So I can't advise as to who sells them. I have played several Rainsongs, and they seen to me to be quite similar to the CAs.


Good luck,



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I've played a couple of Rainsongs, if you approach them with an open mind and don't expect them to do an impression of a wooden acoustic, they're incredible instruments. Very neutral and clean sounding, loads of headroom and crisp, sweet attack transients.


If my music was sonically and visually less geared around roots/blues, I'd play one in an instant. Amazing guitar for a touring musician, I wouldn't worry about one in a plane hold for a moment.

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