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Evening from UK


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Hi all,

Finally cracked at 57 and completed number 6 on the bucket list by buying my first Gibson Les Paul ( 2017 Traditional HP Honey Burst ) and it is a beautiful beast. I am particularly happy with the finish which was even commented on by the guys in the store (in a non sales way !! ).

Just thought I would drop in and say hi to everyone.

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Welcome, SubseaUK.


Fantastic and beautiful Les Paul you have there, mate.


Were you a submariner in the Royal Navy, by chance?




Yes indeed mate, though left after the Falklands War for a change of scenery and became a commercial diver LoL O:)

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Nice choice LP. I like the HP models & the extra chrome is fine with me. I really like those alli cases too.

Always wanted a LP ever since trying a friends back in '76, it almost played itself. now in the later years with age and shortening tendons in the hand creeping in I wanted to try and make life as easy as possible ....that coupled with stunning looks ( the guitar not me [cool]

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