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Vclass bracing demo


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I am a fan of Taylor. Although I don't own any or find myself drawn to their sound, I commend them for their success. They are innovative, willing to openly share their ideas and concepts, and an incredible business model (think about it). From what I have seen the V or A bracing lends itself to treble, high mids with very little room for voicing. As I have said before, I think the x bracing system has proven itself reliable.

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I didn’t like the sound of that at all, it sounded plinky and cheap, with too much emphasis on upper mids. Reminded me of an inexpensive archtop.


I think the Taylor bolt on neck design and the consistency of their guitars are both fantastic, however I’ve tried really hard to love Taylors sonically over the years but, with the exception of their 555 12 string and a handful of their Maple high end models, they don’t do a thing for me. I tend to classify Taylor and Takamine together in my mind, but I’d take any Japanese built Tak over 99% of Taylors any day.

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That particular sound didn't do much for me either. It could very well be a poor recording, but I thought it sounded somewhat harsh to my ears.


I do however really like what Taylor is trying to do. They experiment, and try to move the acoustic guitar into the future. I respect that, and as a fan of primarily Gibson and Martin, I think I benifit too in the long run, when these two companies have to pay attention to what Taylor is doing. A good thing for sure.


For me, I am very rarely attracted to Taylor guitars. For one thing, I don't like a cut-away on an acoustic, also I often find the look of the Taylors a little boring, for lack of a more descriptive word. They are kind of the Volvos of the acoustic world. Well built, good value for money, reliable, well designed, safe, but again a little boring with a lack of personality. I would like to see Taylor stepping away from the traditional look of their guitars, and come up with a fresh cosmetic look, that is all their own, like Gibson did with The J-200 and Hummingbird, then I would be interested.


We can't all like the same things, and there are a lot of people in the Taylor camp, so they will do just fine, with or without me [biggrin]



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Just another video with a $5000+ guitar.

Why is Taylor so afraid to put it up against another $5000+ Taylor X braced guitar and let the paying public hear for themselves.

As far as the guitar in the video goes it sound like a high dollar Taylor so if that's the sound you like and you have an extra

$5000 laying around go for it.

But as being the best thing since sliced bread I'll stick with sliced bread.


Another thing I find funny is Andy has no problem telling every Taylor owner there old guitars are obsolete so they may as well

toss them in the trash and run out and buy the new and improved version. So much for vintage Taylor Guitar in the next 50 years.

Over the passed 10 years Taylor seems more and more like an Car manufacture where you need to get the lasted model with it's

latest improvements. Next year will be blue tooth and maybe it will take pictures and receive text messages.


I'll stick with my old Gibson Guitars they play the blue the best anyway. B)

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