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Walter Trout Next Saturday


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The Coach house...Fun time enjoy it.. I saw two shows there, last fall Was Stephan Stills and a few years ago Larry Carlton. We did the Dinner for Larry and the food was pretty good for what you are doing and Where.


I've seen three other great shows there.

George Thurogood

Jacob Dillon and the Wallflowers



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I just saw **** Dale at the Coach House recently. It’s pretty easy to get a good view there since everybody is sitting down.


Sounds like a fun night


I'm going to guess thats "Richard" Dale since the forum blocks his first name because it rhymes with "stick". That's hilarious (and unfortunate) :rolleyes:

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Wow Slash...Surprised he would play that place. Nice trio Ca Man


Slash's Blues Ball if I remember correctly.

Right after he left GNR. It was a great a night. He played a lot of his favorites.


The cool thing about George Thurogood's show, was that I actually was able to see him on back-to-back nights at two different clubs in Orange County.


The Jacob Dylan show was also a great show. I remember actually leaving the Cure at Irvine Meadows Amphitheater and driving down the freeway to see the Wallflowers. Certainly the better of the two shows. The Cure were flat, dull and simply bad. The sound was totally off. It really sucked all the energy out of the show.

So whatcha' gonna' do?

Go see a better show.

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