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Could not stop myself.


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Loved my first strat since I got it a few months ago....except the neck profile . So Warmouth had a swamp ash body and a wenge and bubinga neck in a larger profile no I have two strats just how I want them.







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Nice. I especially like the natural body. :)


Does the Warmouth neck have truss rod access at the body position? I cant see any access point.

It is the “modern construction. It adjusts at the heel but has a side fine adjuster for the last little tweak. See the adjuster?



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Gotah makes the adjuster system it is standard on modern necks...vintage only adjusts at the heel....vintage /modern adjusts at peg head.


With the wenge neck it’s almost not needed..I set it totally flat the mounted and strung it and it did not shift at all.

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