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I fixed my Peavey Classic 30


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So my Classic 30 went out like a month ago. I looked around in Nashville and the Amp Tech rates were around $70 or more but I did not want to spend the money on the amp.


I went to the Peavey forum, explained the problem, using my multimeter a couple of guys helped me diagnose the issue, I bought the parts for $2.50 and voilá the amp is in working condition again.


One of the JJ power tubes went out and took out a couple of diodes and in turn the amp was blowing a fuse.


How cool is that?

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The fix was simple once I indentified the problem. I took picks before I removed the bad parts because I have so many things in my mind I knew I would forget the orientation of the diodes.


These amps do not have a PCB that will withstand a lot of soldering so I was extra cautious, this is the only thing that made me nervous actually.


I also found out that putting a Tung Sol on V1 on these amps makes a nice difference. I left the JJs on V2 and V3.


I still may sell the amp eventually but at least I can sell it in working condition.


By the way working on this Peavey amp and my Fender Champ Project I found out that while JJs can have really good tone on a lot of amps they have a bad reputation for going out hard and maybe doing damage to the amp if the amp has lower quality components. yikes.

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