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custon personaly guitar


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Here I suggest this.........





Don't be an ***. The guy is asking for help and doing a pretty good job with his English. Why don't you try and type out a few lines in Portuguese and then perhaps I will be impressed with your humor.

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Welcome! what is your budget? Deppending on that you might be in trouble hehehe... (just kidding). Ordering a custom made guitar is a little expensive (more expensive than a reissue or a supreme anyway). And then there comes the shipping problems: costs and the fact that there's no way you can be sure your giutar will arive and in good shape; all of this considering south america's customs, post offices and taxes.


I think Guitar Slinger (with a space) is from brazil... maybe he can translate anything we or you dont understand.



My best bet would be to go and buy one yourself in the states... or ask for one through a US dealer, so that when they get it you can go and take it from them: a plane ticket from here to the states (and back) is about $420 and it is less than half of what it would cost to ship the guitar here + taxes... and as a + you get to visit different places and stuff.


Just my 2 cents.

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