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Is Gibson colorblind or am I ??


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Went today to pick up my Firebird and my Ric 360/12 getting set up

and was very pleased with an excellent job done by the tech at L&McQ.

At the same time I wanted to pick up the parts I ordered for my LP faded.

Now that TG did great mods I was going to do the same.

But now, here it is:

#1 The pu cover did not come.

Well, someone screwed up with the order, just have to wait again.

#2 Pick up Rings came and Pickguard as well.


I do not like the color of the pu rings and the pickguard on the LP faded, they are not

really cream but go more into orange.So did order the historic spec parts.

Gibson did answer my e-mail as follows: the color of the parts will be different than

the color on your LP faded.

Looking at the parts now: the color of the rings is the same as the ones I already got!

And the pickguard (historic spec) is totally different.

I do like the color of the pickguard though. But how can they send a bunch of parts

which are suppose to go together in such an obvious mismatch?


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But how can they send a bunch of parts

which are suppose to go together in such an obvious mismatch?


They'd probably get off the hook by pointing out that the plastics used on the real '56 - '60 LP's could be slightly different colours too! Apparently, the material for the pickguard came as a sheet from which the guards were cut/stamped whereas the rings were moulded plastic. If the plastic colourant employed in the production of each came from different batches that was enough of an explanation.


There was (and probably still is) a thread on this very topic over on the 'Les Paul Forum' site. They assembled 'Vintage' spec parts from several companies and did a back-to-back colour/shape comparison.


Take the genuine Gibson stuff back - the shop should be on your side here - and get some bits which match.

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I think you should try gibson usa parts... (the common normal ones) I ordered a pickup ring as one of mine was damaged... when it arived it was more like real creme than the ones stock in my std. faded (which as you said' date=' look orange-ish)[/quote']

You're absolutely right.

I'll bring the orange-ish/pink-is ones back to L&M and make them get me the regular ones.

Also with the old pickguard that came with the faded it really looked cheezy when I put it on,

that was the reason for ordering these historic parts.

And: thanks TG for getting me in this "mod-mood" with your great mod on your faded.

I'm getting pu covers too and she'll look like a million bucks!

Gracias compadre and hasta luego!

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