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Gibson ES-275 issue


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Bought this beautiful guitar recently and love it (apart from some minor flaws in the finish...).  However there's this strange sound now coming with an empty B stroke that is not a fret-buzz but sounds like distant Christmas bells; wonder if it affects some part inside the guitar or what...

Anyone had an  issue like that  with a 275 or similar?

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Those kinds of things can be difficult to diagnose.  Sometimes that kind of ringing can be an issue with the nut.  But it could also be other things, especially in an ES guitar, like pickups rattling against the pickguard or pickup rings, the bridge, wires inside the body, that kind of stuff.  You can try muffling different parts while you try to make it ring.  It's most likely something with the nut or bridge.  Other people on here might have good ideas.  Good luck!

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It may be coming from the pickups rattling in their surrounds and  being amplified by the pickup height springs.  Many semis have this sort of problem.

Solution for me was; velcro strips (the soft, no-hooks side) on sides of pickups underneath the pickup surrounds - you have to set the pickups to the height you want them 1st - and replaced the springs around the height screws with soft plastic or  silicon tubing, compressed so it is pushing like the springs did.   This solved 95% of all my noise problems.

There may also be resonance coming via the string areas from nut to tuners or from bridge to tailpiece; use a strip of felt to mute.   From your description you are getting some sort of harmonic resonance which is very typical of guitars with a trapeze tailpiece.  Or the B string might not be seating properly in the nut.

I'm willing to bet your noise is one of the above but another thing to check is, are the bridge saddle screws vibrating?  

I have an ES 175 which is now almost totally rattle, buzz and vibration-free becasue of the above. The only thing I notice is, when playing acoustically and the pickup switch is in the mid position, it rattles very slightly.......:rolleyes:

Good luck!

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