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Strings on a Les Paul...


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first off' date=' what strings come with a new Les Paul?


next, are Gibson bright wires or vintage ri strings any good?[/quote']

Historic reissues - Vintage Reissue, 10s.

Everything else - Brite Wire, 10s.

Yeah, they're good, especially the VRs. VRs are pure nickel wound. Brite Wires are Nickel plated.

Best thing to do is just try a bunch of different brands.

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I don't like thicker E,A,D strings...they don't sound clear enough for my taste.


Les Pauls are supposed to sound thick/quite bassy by nature, so I recommend thinner strings for a more balanced and clearer Les Paul tone.


The thinner the strings on a Les Paul, the clearer/brighter the tone. The thicker the strings on a Les Paul, the darker the tone and the worse the playability.


Roto Yellows (nickel) 10s do it for me; great tone and smooth playability. It doesn't feel as a compromise, it just feels right.

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