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1966 SJ 200


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One for the maple lovers :


I love the color ,the tone ...everything about it.


And I love that Todd says maple is his favorite wood !!!


It’s billed as a 1966 but I noticed the screws in guard and the 3 piece neck ... I believe it looks more in line with the 1968 spec.


I pulled out my SJ 200 after listening to this.



This guitar just a fantastic Gibson.Along with the 1965 (the dream guitar) they are two of my favorite large body Gibsons.






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The Gibson I have had the longest is a 1960 J200.   My wife though has claimed it for her own.  She has turned down a ton of offers for it and it remains the only six string acoustic she owns.   

I will say it till I am blue in the face but  the best sounding J200s I have ever gotten my hands on were the maple body guitars  with the second wide angle brace above the soundhole.

And I betcha they pulled that nasty floating brace out of that guitar.  Luckily only one big screw  attached it to the center of the X brace so it was easy to do.

If you like the finish you can  thank Case Triezenberg.  He began working at Gibson in the mid-1920s and was promoted to Foreman of the Finishing Dept. in the late 1940s.  All Gibsons from that point on were finished under his leadership.  He was still there in the early 1970s.    Sorry though, I still am not a fan of the cherry burst.  

1960s Gibson serial numbers are a major pain to sort through.    While both a ''66  and '68 J200 would have three piece necks,  I have never seen a '66 with a screwed on pickguard.  So the guitar could very likely be a '68 as you note.  Good eye. 

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Beautiful Jumbo - no Tune-O-matic, no dots on the bridge. Probably a 68er, , , but then we should be able to hear it, right. The fortification wouldn't go unnoticed. And I think we can.

Norman's, , you are hereby challenged - sink the mirror, check the bracing.  

Ouhh, , , stingers are so hip - they'd make me a kooler player. . 


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Gorgeous guitar, stunning sound.

That guy's pick attack is perfect for this guitar. You really need to drive that big old box.

I was glad to see him remove that denim jacket with all those metal buttons before playing this.

So, why do we think this guitar was a second? I'm guessing that big light grain streak in the fretboard near and over the body. Nothing else is obvious

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5 hours ago, 62burst said:

. . . and glad to hear your SJ-200 has come out of retirement, even for just a little while. Understandable where you were coming from with casing it, but...

I have actually taken it out of retirement.

At the time it was the best thing to do.

Now than time has elapsed... I can play it without thinking about it too much.





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