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Hummingbird Adjustable Saddle


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There are some that believe all the added hardware (see picture) that goes with the adjustable height saddle bridge robs the sound ... and there are some who don't.

Either way, Gibson have decided to make both versions.


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I had a J50 with an adjustable saddle. For me it was a mistake didn't like it didn't like the sound of the guitar....just something I should have never done. That was about 7 or 8 years ago. I don't remember where that J50 went I erased it from my memory.

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The adjustable saddle models typically produce a sound with slightly metallic overtones, and some folks happen to like that tone a lot (me included).  One problem with assessing these, imho, is that you have to have played a good example to experience their best characteristics.  If the guitar was somewhat of a dud to begin with, most likely the adjustable saddle unfairly got a lot of the blame.

I've owned a number of guitars with these bridges & currently own two (one rosewood & one plastic).  They sound great to my ears.

Additionally, the obvious  advantage of this bridge is that it allows you to quickly dial in a preferred action setting. 

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