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Vintage Heavy ES-335 Best Strap Options


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Hello All,

I just had a quick question as I have experienced something I never have before with a guitar. I recently found a vintage 1987 Gibson ES-335 (Amazingly my birth year AND month. What are the odds?) and there is an issue that I have never come across before which is surprising considering I have a Les Paul Traditional and Studio. The guitar is VERY heavy and so much so that the extra strap I had laying around the house doesn't do a very good job of distributing weight and I have a very sore shoulder every time I play it. For those who have experienced issues such as this what are some good strap options you have found to help alleviate this problem? It is my only minor complaint for a great guitar I bought sight unseen. Risky I know, but it was a good gamble in this case!!!


Thank you very much!

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3 inch wide padded strap is the way to go.  I have a couple that were made by Gibson, but I don't see them on their website anymore so perhaps they are no longer made.   Often times a strap designed for bass guitar works well, so look at those too.

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I have a Wide (3-4") Padded Leather Strap made by Gibson I use for my heavy Guitars...

I must be getting Old. It's strange to think of a Guitar from 1987 as Vintage. Although, it is.... LOL!

Enjoy your 335!

Good luck

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