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40 years ago: Mount St Helens.


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40 years ago, on May 18 1980,  Mount St Helens in Washington state erupted.

I'm fairly sure anyone alive back then in the USA will remember it. The largest landslide in recorded history.

Even in the UK,  looking at the TV pictures taken from a news plane as it happened was unforgettable.

The facts and figures are awe-inspiring , terrifying - initial explosion alone was 7 megatons -


The pictures (link to 2015 photo feature in The Atlantic here) are even more incredible.  One or more of these images might be slightly upsetting:



Do you remember that time?  Where were you?

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I was a 15 year old kid in Miami, Fl at the time.  I remember it but honestly at that time I didn't really care that much about it.  More recently, I have watched some documentaries about it and was blown away by the utter devastation it caused.  The images are just incredible and heartbreaking.   Now I live not very far away from it and I can see it from some of spots we hike to.

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13 hours ago, Mr. Gibson said:

Living in North Dakota,we got some light ash here,not much tho

I was a sailor and was in The Philippines when Mt. Pinatubo blew its top. The destruction happened when it started to rain and it brought the ash down.

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6 minutes ago, Big Bill said:

Damn, it's been that long!! I flew  low over it a couple of years after while in the AF. It was surreal to see the amount of destruction it caused.

I wanted to join the AF. Told them I smoked weed and they said go try the Navy. I did.

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