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Sgt. Pepper

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I just stared listening to the podcast Welcome To Nightvale. It started in 2012. I have only listed to the first 3. Each one is about 20 minuets long and its like a radio broadcast of the events of the day of the fake town of Nightvale. Its got weird stuff happening in it. Any fan of Alice In Wonderland or Laurie Anderson will dig it. 

I also stumbled across the book Discovering Scarfolk by English author Richard Littler. Scarfolk is a fake town in North West England that did not progress beyond 1979. No one is allowed to leave the town and bizarre stuff goes on. I got the book today and I am going to start reading it today. The book is filled with strange propaganda posters.


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3 hours ago, gdecant1 said:

Love the last line, "For more information please reread" Lol!

It's wacked. So far I read the intro. Every propaganda poster in the book says that. There is a website by the author. It's filled with those crazy posters.

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1 hour ago, merciful-evans said:

I've just got the Podcast of Welcome to Nightvale ep1 up now. 

Book looks good too.

Night Vale is great. It comes out twice a month and there are I think 170, twenty minute podcasts now. I'm gonna listen to #5 today.  Don't go to the dog park.

There are a few books out now. I think after I read the Scarfolk books I'll check out the Night Vale books.

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On 11/16/2020 at 7:56 AM, Big Bill said:

The King!!Art_Bell_portrait.jpg

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