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Need help evaluating second hand Gibson LP

John C

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I found a pretty nice second hand LP traditional 2018. The description only mentions a scratch on the back, and the pictures seem to confirm that. He also claims all the parts are original.

The question i have is about the nut. It seems odd to me. First of all it looks like the edge toward the headstock is sharp, which i havent seen on some other LPs. The second thing is that the nut appears to be slightly slanted, goes in deeper on the high E side, than the lower E side. Is this normal? Or could the nut be replaced?




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I reckon that the owner put a Graphtec nut on..  They do that where they taper towards the high E..   This is done to compensate for the string gauge thickness..  If you have a nut with uniform height you would just need to cut the slot a bit deeper to compensate (also its done to try to match the fretboard radius a bit)...  Actually thinking about it more I think Gibson do use Graphtec nuts, at least for some years anyway in which case its normal and factory installed... Cant keep up with what they do anymore.

Like so


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