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Highly Figured ES -335 Glacier Blue


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Hi there!

I recently bought a used “highly figured glacier blue” ES-335.  The seller mentions it was a special limited run in GB for that year, the Blueberry Burst and others are advertised as figured, while the GB is not.  

Was curious how to validate this isn’t just a regular GB?  I dont have guitar in hand yet, will in a week - very much looking forward to it!  Was just curious as I assume figured is less common and if this was limited would be more even more unique.  The model number seems to be standard, but wasn’t sure if you could tell other than visual looks.  

I’m a sucker for beautiful guitars, and like bright colors!

A link to the guitar https://reverb.com/item/41372557-2019-gibson-es-335-highly-figured-aaa-maple-top-glacier-blue-case-coa?utm_source=rev-ios-app&utm_medium=ios-share&utm_campaign=listing&utm_content=41372557

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7 minutes ago, Rabs said:

Here.. I just found the legacy page for this guitar...  They are all really nice colours.

Yes, and it includes the OP's "Glacier Burst" (second from right).  So, my guess is that GB was not provided the whole platte of colors, with Glacier Blue excluded but provided in "limited" numbers.  But because that finish was not "limited" for the USA consumption, there will likely be a lot of them out there.  So ... you got a beautiful blue guitar.  Just enjoy playing it, and don't be concerned over it being particularly rare.  I am sure it is awesome!

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