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Sticky truss rod on a Gibson J-45


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Hey folks,

the truss rod on my fairly new Gibson J-45 does its job, but it's super sticky and hard to turn while doing so. I'm used to truss rods that can be turned rather smoothly, while with my J-45 it's rather turning in little steps. Anything to worry about?

Here's a sound example of turning the truss rod,


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I've had, or still do have (?) one that makes that sound, but it was only getting turned maybe a quarter turn at the most, and probably not been adjusted since, in years, so not particularly concerned. And it's rare that I have any interest in playing the musical truss rod adjustment game.

You could more than likely find some sort of penetrant that could be carefully applied to the nut above the t.r. threads, or see if it still creaks after de-tensioning the strings.

Question: just how much did you turn that adjusting nut to make that recording?

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I had the same thing with a new SJ. I loosened the strings to relieve the tension, back off the truss rod nut, put a drop or two of 3 in 1 oil on the threads and then tightened it back up. It took care of the issue. 

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My J-45 made the exact same sounds. Turn and click, turn and click..till it reached about a quarter turn (righty tighty)  After about 3 clicks..it would turn no more and seemed to stop. So I did not force it for fear of damaging the truss rod. I took it to my guitar man who said it was fine, but it was maxed out and should be turned no further. (I do like straight necks) and the neck is now to my liking and has remained that way for the last 6 years with no further need to adjust it either way. If you can not get the neck to where you want it with a truss rod adjustment, you may then need to have it re-set up...or a new nut and saddle. That was not the case with mine. The adjustments of the truss rod made it have low action and smooth as butter, with a straight neck, so I left it there.


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