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Freedom of speech(again)


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So it is. Its a vital an important privilege/right too. 

On one hand, the politically correct crew are enemies of free speech.

In the other hand, I become a bit impatient with those that justify abusing others as 'exercising free speech'. For then its a handy disingenuously misappropriated phrase.


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7 hours ago, Whitefang said:

There's been some discussion about freedom of speech in these forums lately.  I've run across this OP-ED piece in today's Detroit Free Press.   Some good food for thought.




You tell 'em.  George Washington would be right there standing beside your you while you side with those Rooskies against the NY Times.  It's a good thing you represent the future of American Exceptionalism.  Go get 'em.  You good Americanski!

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