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What do YOU like more about the SG than the LP?


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I don't prefer one over the over. Right now I'm spending more time with my SG, because I just installed a Bigsby B5 on it (first Bigsby since I retired my Chat Atkins back in '97).


The SG is a fast guitar: great neck, cool looks, a nice bite to the sound, what's not to like?


The Les Paul Deluxe is heavier, clunkier, limited upper fret access (but only in comparison to the SG), but when I plug it in, it sings to me. The SG has a more generic sound, to my ears, and I'll gladly put up with the LP's slight flaws in order to feel that sound permeate the room.


Appearance is a toss up: I love the retro Lester, also dig the '60s modernistic SG.


Both of them suffer in comparison to my 335, but what wouldn't? I'm just grateful that I can afford three examples of the best electrics that Gibson makes. I'm just a fool for these Gibsons, and wouldn't want to live without any one of them.

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I've got to say I prefer the SG. I've had some of each over the years, my first really good electric was a '67 SG Standard that I bought new when I was in high school, but I've had LP's too. Actually, the Les Paul balances better on the strap for me, but my back can't handle the weight anymore! Plus, I think SG's just look cooler. A regular mahogany SG may not have the bite of a maple-topped LP, but they still soung great--and I've kind of got the best of both worlds with my SG Supreme.

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Despite these faults' date=' the LP was still so popular that Gibson never dropped it - it's gotta be the magic, mystique, voodoo, mojo, whatever...



Actually (and someone's probably beaten me to this) the Les Paul was out of production for a while. 1961-1968. They did issue the SG "Les Pauls" but for all intents and purposes, it was out of production.

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The easy access, and with my 66 Special with P-90's the TONE !!! I LOVE P-90's and have a dozen GIBBY"S that have em....


IMHO the best single coil ever made and though there are countess other manufacturers making them NO-one has yet to improve on the GIBSON SOAP BAR OR DOG EAR.


They used to make a VINTAGE P-90 I wonder why they discontinued it and why they decided to call a P-100 a H -90...same thing.


Would be nice if they made P-100's with 4 wire conductor so you can coil tap em and have the best P-90;s and P-100's


BACK on track..the SG just feels comfy kind of like a BLUESHAWK or a ES-339 or 336.


The only flaw I can see in a SG is the place where they put the strap button behind the neck slot.....I always move mine to the horn but with today's less expensive SG;s I can see them breaking since the faded specials are not a one piece body as they were in 66


There is a NEW SG the ZOOT SUIT that is DISAPPOINTING BIG TIME, they look cheap, have see through pups, a weird headstock.....just to dressy for an SG the beauty of an SG is it's simplicity.


I added a TONE PRO bridge and stop tail and I can hear the change in tone and the length of sustain. Theonly ting that I don;t get is why they do not hold there value but a LP JR still is out of control for it's price




my 66 special

my 61 LES PAUL CUSTOM ( first SG in white !!!).

my 71 Standard

and MOST RECENTLY a SG SILVERBURST which I put in a set of original 58 humbuckers I had in my parts draw...WOW !


It;s the TONE and ease of playability that really makes the SG what it is !!!!


St James

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Comfort? I dunno.


In the past 2 years, I've had 5 LPs (R7, R8, R9, DC, Standard)... just couldn't play 'em. I mean, they sounded great - not like an SG - different... more depth I guess. I just couldn't adjust to something - can't put my finger on it. They're all gone now.


I still have my 76 SG Standard, and I just picked up a 71 Special and instantly took to it.

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